How to Stop Clasps from Moving to the Front

How to Stop Clasps from Moving to the Front

Necklace clasps have an annoying habit of migrating to the front. That’s not a good look for a pretty pendant! I’ve tried having a heavier pendant or adding more weight to the clasp at the back by attaching a heavy charm. Neither of these methods worked. 

There are basically two ways to solve this problem which I first wrote about when I introduced my lotus wood cut collection,  The first is to divide the chain into two. Then use jump rings to attach the chain ends to the pendant.  

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How you make it attractive is to use a combination of bails and jump rings as shown in the video, use pretty metal rings and small jump rings ike this example below. Or use a bail where you can attach both ends of the chain. 

The second method is to “fix” the pendant to the front of the necklace at the midpoint. Basically, immobilize the movement of the jump ring or bail from moving left or right. This is demonstrated with simple knots on my cord necklace below. You can also consider crimp beads encased by crimp bead covers. 

Has anyone else got another idea?

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