11 Enchanting & Romantic Moments Between William and Kate

11 Enchanting & Romantic Moments Between William and Kate

Ah, tis the season of love! I thought we’d celebrate Valentine’s Day by looking at some of William and Kate’s quiet, romantic moments from the last 13 years.

Most royal fans know the couple aren’t big on overt public displays of affection (PDA), so most tender moments between the pair are as understated as they are genuine. A light touch here, a peck on the cheek there.

From the grandeur of royal duties to the intimacy of shared laughter, each captured moment offers a glimpse into William and Kate’s affectionate bond. Let’s take a look:

1. An Olympic Embrace

Let’s start our romantic round-up by rewinding back to the 2012 Olympics. Back in the early days of their marriage, William and Kate’s public displays of affection were incredibly rare—so this celebratory embrace was a real treat for royal watchers:

Prince William and Kate Middleton embracing.  Dressed in sporty polo shirts, the pair hug in celebration. Both smiling, Kate grabs William’s shoulders and he has his hands around her waist.  

The couple had just watched the TEAM GB mens pursuit team break a world record.  The pair hugged as Chris Hoy and teammates placed for gold medals.

Photographers captured the jubilant moment, showing beaming Kate grabbing William’s shoulders as he puts his hands around her waist. This was a public display of their private affection, the excitement of the moment bringing them closer.

2. Wimbledon Whispers

Sporting appearances have always been a source of candid joy for royal watchers. Between play, William and Kate’s interactions are a dance of whispers and laughter, a private language developed over years of partnership.

Prince William and Kate Middleton share a whisper at Wimbledon.  The

This photograph was also taken during the 2012 Olympic Games. The pair watched Great Britain’s Andy Murray take on Spain’s Nicolas Almagro at Wimbledon. Wouldn’t you love to know what the pair were whispering about?

It’s always fun watching the couple’s wide range of animated facial expressions during play, as they chat to one another, share inside jokes, cheer on players, laugh and react to shocking moments on the court.

3. Competitive Couple

William and Kate love a bit of healthy competition. It’s well-documented—the pair have admitted as much during a podcast interview! They’re always game to take on new challenges during royal engagements, which often leads to playful moments caught on camera.

The Princess of Wales attempts archery while her husband playfully jeers and laughs behind her.

In 2023, photographers captured once such moment during King Charles’s Coronation Weekend. At a Big Help Out event with the Scouts, William and Kate turned their hands to archery. The pair were in their element, with laughter in their eyes while playfully jeering one another.

4. A Steady Hand

This chivalrous moment took place at the Royal Variety Performance last November—the Prince offered his wife a steadying hand as the pair climbed the stairs at the Royal Albert Hall.

William and Kate hold hands as the prince helps his wife up the stairs of the Royal Albert Hall.  Both are dressed in formalwear.

It was a subtle testament to their supportive partnership, a moment of poise and grace under the limelight.

5. Playful Laughter

April 2023 brought another delightful exchange, as William, ever the sport, attempted to take a booking at an Indian restaurant during a visit to Birmingham.

Prince William chats on the phone, as his wife looks on, laughing.

The Princess’s laughter echoed her husband’s playful antics, who left an unsuspecting customer with a memorable story. It’s lovely to see the pair sharing a fun moment.

The Princess is in hysterics at her husband who has just finished his phone call with a poor unsuspecting customer.

6. Proud of her Prince

Here’s a photo I love from the inaugural Earthshot Awards in 2021. Kate’s looking at her husband with pride and admiration.

William, stood in a green jacket, is passionately expressing something to a person out of shot.  Kate looks on, smiling, with a look of pride in her eyes.

For the uninitiated, Earthshot is Prince William’s magnum opus; the project captures his profound commitment to the environment and will stand as his legacy. The grand awards ceremony attracted celebrity attendees, a global television audience and plenty of press coverage, bringing much-needed public awareness a host of interesting projects dedicated to fostering a sustainable future.

On the green carpet, Kate’s pride was evident. Her gaze spoke volumes of the respect and support that underscores the pair’s relationship.

7. Under my Umbrella

Rewinding to 2014, we saw a tender gesture in Auckland Harbour as Prince William shielded Kate from the rain. The Prince held an umbrella over his wife, protecting her famous blow-dry from the elements. It was a simple act, yet it spoke of a deep-seated care.

Prince William holds an umbrella over Kate as the rain pours. The pair are dressed in smart-casual attire.

8. A Peck on the Cheek

Now let’s look back to William and Kate’s 2011 North American tour—it was the newlywed couple’s first official visit to the United States. On their second day in the country, the pair visited the Santa Barbara Polo Club in southern California.

Kate plants a kiss on her husband's cheek.

The Prince played in a charity polo match, and his team were victorious. Kate, who was on hand to present the winning team with prizes following the match, planted a gentle kiss on her husband’s cheek.

It was a charming moment of tenderness and a rare public display of affection—a departure from the usual reserve we often see at royal public appearances.

9. Another Peck at the Polo

In 2023, Kate had a similar moment with her husband.  Dressed for summer in a cornflower blue dress, the Princess watched her husband’s team win another charity polo match. 

Kate embraces William with a loving look in her eyes.

After congratulating the team and presenting the trophies, the pair embraced and kissed each other on the cheeks.

The Waleses plant kisses on one another's cheeks.

10. Hand in Hand as Husband and Wife

Let’s flash back to William and Kate’s wedding day now. Here, the pair walk hand in hand through Westminster Abbey following their marriage, for the first time as husband and wife. Their connection was palpable.

William and Kate walk hand in hand through Westminster Abbey, as husband and wife.  Both wearing wedding attire, Kate's dress train following behind.

This moment did not just mark the beginning of the couple’s marriage—it was also the commencement of a journey for a future king and queen.

11. Fairytale Kiss

No recount of William and Kate’s romance would be complete without a nod to the iconic balcony kiss from their wedding day, The world stood still for a moment that seemed like a modern fairy tale come to life.

On their wedding day, the newlywed couple kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

And I think 3-year-old Grace Van Cutsem’s ‘not impressed’ face just makes this picture even more precious, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this romantic round-up! Happy Valentine’s Day!