Where to Find Driving Test Cancellations

Where to Find Driving Test Cancellations

Where to Find Driving Test Cancellations

Where to Find Driving Test Cancellations

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting milestone. However, the wait to take your road test can feel agonizingly long. In some areas, it may take months to book an appointment. Fortunately, there are ways to find earlier test times by looking for cancellations.


Across the United States, over 50% of people fail their road test on the first attempt. This contributes to long wait times, with some areas having an average delay of 2-3 months between the written and road tests. Keeping an eye out for cancellations can help you find an earlier appointment.

Check the Scheduling Website Frequently

Most motor vehicle departments allow you to book appointments online. Check the website at least twice per day, in the morning and evening. New appointments are typically released during business hours, so you may be able to snag a recently canceled slot.

Call the Motor Vehicle Department

In addition to checking online, you can call the motor vehicle department’s scheduling line. Let them know you are seeking an earlier appointment and ask if they have any cancellations. Be sure to call during business hours for the best chance of speaking to someone with access to the latest availability.

Ask Your Driving School

If you are taking driving lessons, ask your instructor if they have connections at the motor vehicle department. Some schools can access road test appointments not available to the general public. They may let you know when one of their students cancels.

Use Road Test Appointment Apps and Websites

There are now apps and websites dedicated to helping learner drivers find canceled driving test appointments. For instance, a helpful platform for this is driving test cancellations. These work by data mining motor vehicle department scheduling systems around the clock. When an opening appears, you will receive an alert.

Check the Website After Business Hours

Late night and early morning can be good times to find new appointments. Cancellations made outside normal business hours will show up on the website right away. So it pays to check after hours and first thing in the morning before others scoop them up.

Be Ready to Act Fast When You Find an Opening

Canceled road test appointments go quickly, so it’s important to act fast when you find one. Have your credit card and driver’s permit information handy. Triple check you have selected the right location and time before you hit the booking button.

Expand Your Search Area

If your local motor vehicle department has long waits, broaden your search to other locations within driving distance. Less populated areas may have road test availability sooner. You will have to travel further on the day of your test but the earlier date could make it worthwhile.

Consider Paying for Premium Scheduling Services

Some states allow privately run companies to offer premium road test scheduling services for a fee. For an extra $20-50, they may be able to find you a cancellation within days or weeks. Make sure to compare any fees to how long you would otherwise have to wait.

Ask Friends and Family to Keep an Eye Out

Don’t go it alone in the cancellation search. Ask your friends and family to keep any eye out as well, in case they come across an opening. Offer to return the favor if any teens in their life are also waiting to take a driving test soon.

Avoid Potential Scams

Use caution when seeking or accepting last minute cancellations, as scams do unfortunately happen. Never pay an individual directly for an appointment time. Stick to legitimate providers like motor vehicle departments, driving schools and vetted third party services.

Be Persistent and Patient

Finding a cancellation takes effort and diligence. You may have to search for days or even weeks before something opens up. Persistence and patience are key. Avoid frustration by remembering the earlier appointment will be worth the effort in the end.

Have a Backup Plan

Even if you manage to schedule an earlier driving test, have a backup plan in case it gets cancelled at the last minute. Make sure you have reliable transportation to get to the motor vehicle department. You don’t want to risk having to reschedule if your ride falls through.


Although driving test wait times can be lengthy, you can take actions to find an earlier cancellation. Be proactive in calling, checking online, using scheduling services and asking around your network. With persistence and patience, you will hopefully be able to move up your appointment and get licensed sooner.