Making Jewellery at Home: Top Tips –

Making Jewellery at Home: Top Tips –

Making jewellery at home is such an exciting and creative hobby, with the right skills and tools you really can make some incredible pieces all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a passion for crafting or just wanted to try something new, jewellery making isn’t as difficult as you might think. we’ve created our how to make jewellery hub to help you start your jewellery making journey off on the right foot with some helpful advice, tips, guides and more.

If you are just getting started then we expect, like most, you’ll be making from the comfort of your own home. Which we understand can be difficult for a whole number of reasons. Starting a new hobby at home doesn’t always go well but it’s not impossible. We’ve compiled a list of top tips to get you started, which we hope can help make your jewellery making journey a little easier.

  • Space – If you’ve got your own workshop then fantastic but if of course you don’t then it would be a good idea to carve out a small space in your home where you can easily make your designs. This doesn’t need to be much, just a small space either on a table or in a corner where you can easily lay out all your equipment and easily start making.
  • Tools – Good, quality tools are a must when making jewellery, it can seem overwhelming as there are so many different tools for many types of jewellery. This is why a basic tool kit is often the best place to start. If you’ve picked a specific area of jewellery making whether beading or perhaps silver clay; you’ll often find a good beginner’s kit for each that will include everything you need to get started.
  • Inspiration – Do you know what you want to make? Maybe you’ve seen someone wearing something you’d like to make? Or you’ve spotted some colours you think may look good together, there are hundreds of resources around that can help you get inspired. Not knowing where to begin or being confused about what to start with can be off putting – our YouTube channel is a great place to start getting those creative juices flowing!
  • Start with One – With so many different areas, it can be difficult to know where to begin and it is unrealistic to try and master the side of jewellery making that requires years of training. So why not start jewellery making with something simple like beading, metal stamping or silver clay? These particular areas of jewellery making are incredibly fun and allow you to be the most creative. They also allow you to develop your skills, which can then be used in other areas.
  • Language – From Acetone to Flux to Work Hardening, jewellery making has a lot of complicated areas, so make sure you read up on as much as you can. From books to our own glossary, learning the right terminology will only help develop your skills.  
  • Practice – This might seem like an obvious statement to make but practice really does make perfect. We know it can be easy to get frustrated and give up but even the most expert jewellery maker will tell that it takes years of practice to really get things right. Don’t be discouraged if your first, second or even third attempts don’t turn out the way you want them to. Keep practising and you’ll see the improvement yourself.

These are just some of our top tips when getting started with jewellery making. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy it! This really is a fun and creative hobby to do and with the right work area, tools and the right resources on hand, you’ll be surprised at just what you can do!

Here at Cooksongold, we’ve developed our jewellery making hub to help you learn and develop the skills you need to make jewellery. We’ve compiled what we think you need to know about the different areas of jewellery making, the must have tools and some exciting projects that can help you kick start your journey. Have you taken a look at some of our exciting projects, tips and more?

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Author: Cooksongold