What to Expect from TheBlondeMisfit

What to Expect from TheBlondeMisfit

Happy 2024, everyone!

As we start off a new year, I am here to thank everyone who has supported TheBlondeMisfit over the years. As 2023 was concluding, I had time to reflect on life and what I wanted 2024 to stand for. There are quite a few things changing over here.

Before anything else, I’ll get the biggest OMG moment out of the way. I cut my hair off! Yep, I’ll have an entire blog post all on my short hair for you.


First, I’ll be getting back to posting! I took a hiatus from the brand for a while because, at various points in my life in 2023, I felt the immediate sensation of burnout and dread. A lot was happening in my life that I didn’t want to bring to the Internet, a very uncommon thing for most influencers and bloggers of the past times.

Not only were these deeply personal and professional challenges, but I also had to make sure that I was protecting myself mentally and emotionally in the midst. I also wanted the freedom of not being a business owner or a “motivational” person. After all, motivating the masses when you can barely motivate yourself just seemed…ironic, yeah?

I can’t remember which celebrity it was (it may have been Rihanna) who talked about how they didn’t sign up to be people’s role models. Years ago, I used to say that if you were a public figure, you had a responsibility to be a role model for others. But more recently, over the years, I’ve realized that who you are and what you do can’t govern other people and their life choices. Sure, it happens. But you also have to be true to yourself and what makes you you.

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

I have always taken pride in being a source of inspiration and truth for other creatives out there. But at the cost of losing myself? That wasn’t a price I could pay anymore.

And despite the challenges of 2023, there were a few things that happened that set me back onto this path of finding and welcoming myself back home. I got married, walked my first red carpet, and got back into acting. I’ve been auditioning for productions to do outside work, and I’m excited for the future!

And while that all sounds dandy, I know you all are asking, “OK, sis, but what about the content?”. Well, in the new year, I am planning on posting here on TheBlondeMisfit.com again, as well as recording podcast episodes again. At the end of the day, I am a storyteller. Telling stories brings me joy, and it allows us to build community, so I’m going to get back into it and build up what we have.

Podcast episodes also commence this week, and we’re just going to take it slow, one topic of focus at a time. Podcasting is such a great expression that I feel super relaxed in – so let’s do it! In the first 2024 episode of TheBlondeMisfit Podcast, I’ll also dish on why I haven’t been posting on social media, more about my acting career, and overall thoughts on 2023 that I’m taking with me into 2024. It’s definitely an episode you will not want to miss.