TheBlondeMisfit Podcast: New Episodes Drop September 15!

TheBlondeMisfit Podcast: New Episodes Drop September 15!

What’s up, Misfits!

I am so excited to share a wonderful announcement: TheBlondeMisfit podcast is returning to you on September 15th!

Now some of you who are new around here may be wondering what TheBlondeMisfit podcast is. I am so happy that you asked.

We started the podcast a few years ago during the pandemic because we wanted to tell stories, interview talent, and dissect the world of being a creator and what that means for a Black entrepreneur like myself. Since then, the podcast has taken so many different directions, but it has been exciting, fresh, and new each time. We’ve been downloaded in countries all around the world! You all have enjoyed so much of the content and even the evolution of me as an artist and audio storyteller.

TheBlondeMisfit podcast
Credit: Marta Skovro

In many ways, I have always shared that the podcast is my raw self, where I can be unfiltered, go through all my emotions, and feel like you, the listener, is sitting with me as I talk (usually in my bedroom).

I took a small hiatus because sometimes, as a creator, you are working on 20 million different projects. At some point, you have to step back, lock in on one or two projects, and give it your all as a solopreneur. It was really difficult for me to pour time and love into my podcast, the website, my social media channels, video creation, social media creation, and, on top of that, still having a nine-to-five.

However, as someone who has really exciting announcements coming up soon, it is more imperative now than ever for me to have an audio presence and to allow you all to join me in a forum that I really enjoy. A forum that so many of you worldwide have also enjoyed. So with that being said, the podcast is on its way back.

I dislike breaking up the podcast in seasons because there is no set start or end to any of these conversations. But what I will say is this: If you have enjoyed the raw honesty, the thoughtful conversations, the tips that I have shared, and the transparency I have also expressed over the years being a creator, then you are in for a real treat with some of the upcoming episodes. I will continue to talk about the topics you all love, such as entrepreneurship, tapping into your potential, trusting God through the process, and more. But I feel very excited about where my life is right now. And what that means in an audio realm.

How you can support the podcast

Now, of course, I will need each and every one of your support. First of all, if you have not binged the episodes, I strongly urge you to check us out wherever you listen to your podcast. We are everywhere that one can find a podcast.

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Listen to some of the previous episodes and hit that subscribe button to ensure you follow the show and don’t miss any future episodes. And then also leave us a five-star rating and review if you have not done so if you are specifically listening to Apple podcasts.

And in the meantime, please be sure to follow us on social @theblondemisfit everywhere. I am really excited because, in the next few months, we are going to be doing a rollout for some really big announcements, and I did not want you to miss anything. In order to get those announcements, you’ll need to be checking out the website, our podcasts, and our social media channels.

Please be sure to share this podcast with a friend. I have been so inspired by getting mail from listeners who really enjoy the podcast and have been able to share it with their home girl, their sister friend, they mama, and everybody in between. So please be sure to do all of those. See you all on the 15th!