Spring/Summer Musts in Green Beauty 2023 — The Green Product JunkieThe Green Product Junkie

Spring/Summer Musts in Green Beauty 2023 — The Green Product JunkieThe Green Product Junkie

Hey, hey! It’s been a while since I wrote about new favorites and since I love the warmer weather, I’m inspired. Check out some of my new (and favorite) warm weather green beauty. Keep an eye out for codes, too!

SUGARDOH Okay, time to get yer waxing on, friends. There’s a bit of a learning curve with this here wax, but once you get it down, you won’t need to go to the salon anymore. Shop here.

You’ll also need some non-tox powder and I recommend these powders as they’re clean and smell fantastic! Shop here.

CAPTAIN BLANKENSHIP GOLDEN SHIMMER SEA SALT SPRAY I’m happy to tell you that you can take 20% off of your Captain order with code: GPJ. Jana has just updated her Golden Shimmer Sea Salt Spray so now it has MORE shimmer for those beachy golden waves. Shop here.

WILDING So far, these are my favorite tools for the bod. Pictured above is the Aura Stone. I recommend going easy when you’re first starting out because I had some bruising due to the fact that I was a tad too ambitious. It feels really good to massage the fascia and there’s plenty of tutorials out there! Shop here.

INLIGHT FIRM & TONE OIL No one loves a body oil like me, but especially one that was formulated to tone, boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage! This new oil has active plant oils and astringent, toning herbs like hazelnut oil, antioxidant green tea, stimulating ginger and purifying burdock. Scent is ylang ylang and geranium.  Shop here.

MANUCURIST Straight from Paris, baby! This is my new non-tox gels at home kit. I love it. I would say that I get about 5 days out of a manicure (I’m pretty hard on my nails) and double that for my pedicure (or longer). It’s a very cool system, too. Great colors. 15% off with code: NAILSKATIE. Shop here.

19/99 I love this makeup company. Why? Because they take big color risks and it’s fun! Eye and lip pencils in reds, blues, pinks and even grass green. They also just came out with these cool-looking highlighters! Take 15% off with code: GREEN15. Shop here.

JENNY PATINKIN I love Jenny’s sustainable beauty tools! She’s got fantastic vegan makeup brushes and lots of fun toys for beauty fiends. Check out her new mister, too! Take 20% off with code: GPJ20. Shop here.

TAKE BACK BAG Get rid of your old clothing and shoes, etc. with the Take Bag Bag. Buy the bag, fill it up, they will credit you the amount you spent on the bag to buy their sustainable cotton clothing and then they recycle everything! Nothing wasted! Shop here.

KOSAS NEW LIP OILS I love the new shades from Kosas because they’re wearable for the day. The packaging leaves much to be desired, but I just love the formulations and the shades! I’m wearing Bare here. 15% off if you’re a new customer at Aillea with code: TGPJ15. Shop here.

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