An Incredible Affordable Friday! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

An Incredible Affordable Friday! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

Oh my gosh welcome to another Affordable Friday! I’m not gonna lie, when I ordered all the clothes for this affordable Friday, I didn’t have high hopes. I ordered so so so so so much in the hopes that maybe I could get a few great outfits. But as I was trying things on, I was falling in love with each and every piece and I just couldn’t believe how much I loved everything! It just goes to show that when you look at things on the models in website pictures, they never do the clothes justice. I almost feel like some websites purposely try to make the clothes look worse in the photo so when you get them you love them. Ha! Anyway, these outfits are so incredible and I know you guys are gonna love them so so so much! Let’s get started with one of my favorite looks. 

Such a Pretty Dress

This dress is so so so stunningly beautiful! And I cannot believe it’s $19.50! Like I am so so so in love with it! And I’m so happy that it’s still in stock because I had to delete so many items from this blog post that already sold out before I even had time to post. And a lot of things in this post are starting to sell out in certain sizes so if you want anything get it so fast! This dress is gorgeous, flirty, and true to size!


Dresses to Transition to Fall

OK I wanna move onto a couple dresses, especially because I am insanely in love with this first dress. And it’s only $19! Seriously get this dress as fast as you possibly can before it sells out! I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size. And unfortunately it looks like this exact print is starting to sell out. It’s still available in five sizes, but check it out quickly before it goes away. But the dress is also available in three other solid colors that are really beautiful. Do not look at the model images and think that’s what you’ll look like in the dress. If you’d like a certain color, get it and try it and I think you’ll absolutely love it. With a solid color you just want to accessorize with like a cross body bag and some boots.



And these boots are the perfect bootie for fall! It’s so so so hard for me to wear booties, I always feel like they make my legs looks short and unflattering. But I’ve realized after owning about a dozen different pairs, the key to having a flattering pair is that they aren’t super tight to your ankle. You want there to be some room there so it balances the upper part of your leg. These are the absolute perfect pair of booties. Trust me on this one. And they’re an absolute steel at under $25!

Plaid Dress

And here is yet another absolutely amazing dress that’s great for transitioning to fall. It’s got a really pretty fall print/feel but it’s very lightweight and has short sleeves so it’s great for the hotter weather right now, and then you can throw a cardigan over it when it starts getting cooler. It’s available in sizes XS to XXXL. And comes in three other prints/colors. And it’s under $18! I’m so so so excited about these two dresses. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. I’m wearing a small and I would say it’s TTS.


Best Top to Wear with Leggings

Sometimes I feel like simple, basic pieces are the absolute best pieces to share because they’re the pieces people wear the most. And I am absolutely in love with thistunic style satin shirt. Not only because it’s the perfect shirt to wear with leggings, it’s super long so it covers your booty and hips, but it’s just so beautiful and looks expensive even though it’s only $24! I do have to recommend sizing down in this. I normally get a size medium. Actually I would say I’m in between a small and a medium right now. I got the small and it fits perfectly. I even have some room in it. I got it in this gorgeous neutral color, but it also comes in black. And I just went ahead and ordered the black as well, because I think it will be so great to wear with leggings as well.


Office Look

With that said, I also want to show you guys how to dress up this top! I decided to pair it with this $26 pencil skirt that I got from Walmart. This pencil skirt is so beautiful, and looks incredible with this top! I love a monochromatic look! I will say however, you can kind of see the shirt through the skirt when it’s tucked in, so you might wanna wear some sort of slip underneath Which is totally common when you were a pencil skirt anyway. If you don’t wanna do that though, just wear with a black pencil skirt instead. And I’ve paired it with this $22 tote bag that I am obsessed with. I bought it online but right now it’s showing it’s only available to pick up in store which is a bummer. But you can totally put it in your cart to secure it so no one else gets it and then go pick it up at your local store.


Classy Sexy Look

And eeeeeekkkk how fun is this look?!? And I know, I know showing your midriff is not for everyone. So, even though I’m showing you the outfit like this, you could very easily wear a different top with these pants and still have a really classy look. I originally got the top in a medium. It was way too big, so I sized down to a small. I highly recommend sizing down in the top. It’s got a really stretchy band in the back so you don’t have to worry about it being too small, but you do need it to be fitted so you do have to worry about it being too big. So size down and you should be golden.


The wide leg pants that I’m wearing here are almost out of stock, but I’m gonna link them anyway just in case. I’m wearing the black, but they also come in a really beautiful, neutral color that is almost fully in stock! And then I’m also going to link the Teebird Black pants that I have. You probably saw a video of them in my Instagram post. They’re available in more sizes but starting to sell out, so grab them quick! I have a ton of wide leg black pants, so if I had to pick between the two I’d probably pick the tapered leg version.



I just think this looks really cute, affordable and practical! The top is under $16 and comes in three other colors if white isn’t your thing. I’m wearing a size small and it fits well. I would say if you want a more fitted look you could size down. Medium used to be my normal size but I definitely have been feeling better in a small lately because I’ve lost a little weight so I do think it’s true to size.

The jeans I’m wearing I by Celebrity Pink and they’re under $17. Because it’s junior sizing, the sizes are odd numbers instead of even, I’m wearing a size 7 and they’re a little loose. I probably should’ve gotten a size 5 since a size 6 is my normal size. So let’s say if you’re normal size is a 10, I would get the size 9 in these. Hopefully that makes sense. But they’re amazing and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a cute pair of skinny jeans! And you just can’t go wrong with that price.

And gosh, I love love love the shoes! I cannot believe they’re under $20! I feel like they look so much more expensive! And they come in another color if this tone is not when you want. But I think they’re beautiful, look expensive and are super comfortable!


This next look is just easy to throw on and practical for errands. I love the top so much but it’s currently sold out so I’m not gonna spend time on it. But I’ll link it just in case it comes back in stock. So instead, I’m gonna focus on the shorts. I almost didn’t include these because they’re not quite my style of shorts. I like my shorts to be a little shorter, however I know so many other people really prefer a longer short, so I decided to include these because I think they are really flattering, easy to throw on and they have incredible reviews! Plus they’re under $15 so you can’t really go wrong with that. They come in size small  to XXL and come in a few other washes. I highly recommend checking out the reviews cause there are over 80 of them and they’re all extremely positive. So if you’ve been looking for a longer short, that has a great high waist and is super stretchy, then this is it! I know we’re headed into fall, and not that many people might be buying shorts, but if you’ve been trying to find a good long pair of shorts, I would definitely get these for an upcoming vacation or to put in your closet for next year.

Before you go, I’ll link a few other things below that I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of but are still fully in stock so I wanna make sure you guys can get them or you can. The green sweater comes in three other colors and you might recognize this top because I have it in this exact same color and black, but the V-neck version from last year. If you bought it last year than you know how incredible this top is to wear with leggings! The model pictures do not do it justice. I’ll share my story soon. And then I love love love this rainbow Cardigan. It comes both in the black, which is the version I have, and a white rainbow version. Right now it’s almost fully in stock in both colors.

I’ll show you the green super soft sweater in the v-neck version below so you can se how cute it is! I’m wearing t with jeans but I think it looks even better with leggings! Do NOT let this short sell out before you get one!

OK that’s it for me. I hope you guys love love love this affordable Friday! I’m so proud of it and so excited about all the looks. If I had to pick my favorite, it would definitely be the first long tunic and then the two dresses. So I hope you’re able to snag at least something before they sell out!