Real Wedding – Emma and James

Real Wedding – Emma and James

Welcome to the Real Wedding of Emma & James at The Westgrove Hotel.

The Beginning: A Dance, A Text, and A Long-Distance Spark

Emma and James’ love story started with a chance encounter in Newbridge back in 2016. James, visiting from Australia, caught Emma’s eye with his carefree dance moves. Although they only shared a brief conversation, fate intervened through a mutual friend who passed Emma’s number to James. Despite the distance and James’ imminent return to Australia, their connection flourished through texts, leading to a joyous reunion when James moved back for good. Their relationship blossomed from there.

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The Proposal: A Romantic Surprise in Rose Petals

On their fifth anniversary, James planned a surprise that would forever change their lives. Booking the same hotel where they had their first date, he meticulously arranged a romantic setup. Emma walked into a suite to find “Will you marry me?” spelled out in rose petals, with James waiting on one knee. Overwhelmed with emotion and joy, Emma said ‘yes’, marking the beginning of their journey towards matrimony.

Wedding Planning: Finding the Perfect Venue

The couple’s wedding planning journey led them to The Westgrove’s wedding fair. Captivated by the hotel’s atmosphere, the music, and the exceptional staff, Emma and James instantly knew it was the perfect venue for their special day. Lorna, from The Westgrove, played a pivotal role, offering personalized attention and ensuring a stress-free planning experience.

The Big Day: A Celebration Filled with Joy and Love

Emma and James’ wedding day at The Westgrove was nothing short of magical. From the grand welcome with Prosecco to the impeccable service, every detail was thoughtfully curated. The meal was a highlight, earning the “chef’s kiss” accolade, and the band 52nd Street kept the dance floor alive. Special touches like a sweetie cart and a selfie mirror added fun elements, leaving the couple with cherished memories and photos.

westgrove hotel wedding

Advice to Future Couples

Emma and James advise future couples to savour every moment of the wedding journey and the big day, emphasising the importance of a supportive venue and team like Lorna’s at The Westgrove.

The Honeymoon: A Dreamy Escape to Santorini

Following their wedding, Emma and James traveled to the breathtaking island of Santorini. The serene beauty of the place provided the perfect setting for relaxation and celebration after the excitement of the wedding. With stunning views and an indulgent atmosphere, it was an ideal start to their married life.

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