Post-purchase Strategies to Turn One-Time Holiday Shoppers into Your Brand’s BFFs

Post-purchase Strategies to Turn One-Time Holiday Shoppers into Your Brand’s BFFs

Getting started on implementing these strategies is the first step to turn one-time shoppers into your brand’s BFFs. 

But wouldn’t it be even better if there were solutions to automate all these tasks on your behalf? 

Meet’s post-purchase suite — to help you provide delightful delivery and return experiences to automated refund recovery and drive everything post-purchase from one place. is a post-purchase automation platform built for D2C e-commerce businesses to offer superior CX throughout delivery & returns, effortlessly recover refunds for shipping errors by carriers, and drive efficiency in shipping with last-mile logistics intelligence.

When it comes to post-purchase CX, helps you: 

  • Reduce WISMO (Where Is My Order) support requests by up to 70% and return-related customer inquiries by up to 80%
  • Achieve CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores of 80+ even when delivery issues occur
  • Boost brand recall and customer engagement post-purchase by 6x
  • Drive up to 12% repeat purchases 
  • Improve conversion rates by up to 28%
  • Reduce return processing time by up to 95%
  • Retain revenue from over 30% of your returns

And so much more…

Still doubtful? Don’t take our word for it. 

Listen to what fellow e-commerce brands have to say about implementing post-purchase strategies into their existing workflows and seeing huge results.

For even more extensive strategies, here’s a free and comprehensive downloadable guide equipped with the post-purchase actionable strategies needed to transform one-time holiday shoppers into devoted brand advocates. Dive into the world of customer retention and discover how to make your brand the go-to choice for every season.