In Conversation With DJ Michael Simpson — MEN’S FASHION POST

In Conversation With DJ Michael Simpson — MEN’S FASHION POST

Who is Michael Simpson in a few words?

London born DJ and producer living in NYC 

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

Getting to do what I love for a living! Of course it comes with stress and struggles but every day feels like a blessing, I feel so lucky to be getting to do something I love doing with people who inspire me.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions of being a DJ?

That it’s all drinking and partying and having fun. There’s definitely an element of that, but it’s also a business and to do it well requires a large amount of work – finding new music, staying on top of taste, marketing, keeping up relationships, pursuing new initiatives etc.  

Besides music, what are some of your other passions?

I started doing yoga recently which I really love – it’s a great combination of exercise, stretching, meditation & connecting to the universe. Beyond that I spend a lot of time on mental health and therapy. Much of that has been battling my own demons but it’s also become a passion and a topic I find interesting in and of itself. And of course fashion, i love finding new dope clothes and putting together outfits.

We heard you experienced Ayahuasca. Tell us about that experience in a few words.

Like meeting a benevolent plant god. It’s like coming into contact with another life form that is extraordinarily powerful that can heal your deepest wounds. 

What upcoming projects are you excited about?

There are a few exciting things that I ‘m working on that I can’t share yet, but definitely working on my own music, building the brand up and working on gigs outside of NYC

Lastly, as a men’s fashion magazine, we have to know what role fashion plays in your life. How would you define your style?

I feel like my style is still in its infancy but I like pieces that have a lot of character and flair to it but are still sophisticated and have some depth. I’ve recently been wearing a lot of stuff that sits at the cross section of streetwear / high fashion / formal wear.

It is evident that Michael Simpson’s journey as a DJ and producer goes far beyond the glitz and glamour often associated with the profession. Behind the scenes, he dedicates himself to the hard work and dedication required to excel in the industry. Beyond music, Michael finds inspiration in yoga, mental health advocacy, and fashion, creating a multi-dimensional approach to his creative pursuits. With exciting projects on the horizon and a distinctive style that merges streetwear, high fashion, and formal wear, Michael Simpson continues to leave his mark on the music and fashion landscape. Keep an eye out for his future endeavors as he continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur.

Photography by Edwig Henson | @edwiggery

Groomer Jason Monet | @jason.monet