A Sensual Journey from Photography to Fashion — MEN’S FASHION POST

A Sensual Journey from Photography to Fashion — MEN’S FASHION POST

Photography and fashion often intersect. How has your experience as a photographer influenced the design and aesthetics of CREO’s underwear?

As a photographer, I relate most to imagery that feels timeless and vulnerable. Clothing in most of those images is simple, clean and feels relatable at any time through history. Creating something simple and minimal but nonetheless well crafted was important.  My background is in design, so font/typeface has always been important to me. I am also quite a perfectionist as anyone who knows me can tell you, so every detail was under intense scrutiny in order to create the best product. I was frustrated by existing underwear brands, which are often overly branded, have busy patterns or use materials that are stiff. So I created a style ideal for me to wear and photograph. I dedicated a lot of time to finding the right material that felt good and looked great.

The campaign photos for CREO exude a distinct editorial vibe, reminiscent of your work as a photographer. How do you ensure that this aesthetic seamlessly integrates with your brand’s identity, and what do you hope to convey to your audience through these images?

Thank you — The foundation of this brand lies in Art. Commercial brands definitely focus on smiles to sell products and are more money-minded.  For me, this brand isn’t centered on the money aspect, it’s about building up the artist, making the visuals become a part of the statement. Creating visuals that live longer than the seconds they are seen online. I want to continue to create visuals and films you will see in a gallery, and align with other artists who are looking for the same. Art is thoughtful and deep, and I believe CREO and everything we do within the brand exists that way too. 

Thoughts on the importance of inclusivity and body positivity in your brand’s messaging?

The CREO ethos is, “ex amore vita – from love comes life.”  By loving yourself, and your body — this inspires others to love you the same. I often blur the lines of gender, I admire a man who showcases emotion and leads a life of softness and elegance. I look up to a woman identifying as tough and strong. Love and emotion are genderless, that to me is beautiful.  I have had a lot of conversations around different bodies and what style of intimates feel right, discovering it is vastly different for everyone. Our launch begins with the classic brief in sizes S-XL, our materials have a lot of stretch to fit many shapes, and as we grow we plan to increase our size and style range.  

We have a short art film launching in October that shares the beauty of the blurred lines of gender. They are the main characters, see them come together through the dance of sensuality to showcase the feeling that sexy has no gender.  Creating a space to embody what it means to feel sexy and in touch with yourself.