How To Wear Black In Summer

How To Wear Black In Summer


Are probably thinking, how to wear black in summer. Some people tend to shy away from wearing black in summer or associate it to winter. I know the thought of wearing black might sound sweaty because the color holds heat. However, there is no rule that says you cannot wear black in summer. Black is classic, elegant and easy to style. It can be worn all year around. Black exudes excellency when worn right. It is an understated classic look. For me, black strikes a balance between classy and powerful. 

As much as I like to wear colors, I also love wearing black any time of the year including summer. In fact, black and white is my favorite color for its simplicity and elegant appeal. Although I am an avid fan of wearing white in summer, especially white dresses, that does not stop me from wearing black pieces any time of the year. I find wearing black to be easy to style yet powerful. Wearing black in summer shouldn’t be scary. I have worn many black pieces this summer including this black dress, shorts, jeans, and pants. You can still wear your favorite black pieces and summer dresses in black by keeping it summery and fun. 

This H&M dress is one of the many black dresses that I picked up from H&M this summer. I also picked up this pair with bow details and I am eying this short pair and ruffle-trimmed dress as well. This dress is very comfortable and breathable. For a fun look and out with the family, I paired it with sneakers for comfort. You can also pair it with sandals or heels.

stella-adewunmi-of-jadore-fashion-blog-shares-how-to-wear-black-in-summer-black-hm-dressOutfit Details:

H&M Dress here, also love this here/here; Leatherology bag here; Converse here;

5 Tips Here is how to wear black in summer

  1. Wear breathable fabric and cotton pieces – wearing black in summer is all about wearing the right fabric 
  2. Add a splash of nude color: If wearing bright colors with black is not your thing, you can add a splash of nude or beige color as seen in my look with the leatherology bag.
  3. Accessories with colors other than black
  4. Wear flowy silhouettes
  5. Add print and texture


How To Wear Black In Summer