Ergonomic Menswear Trends F/W 2022

Ergonomic Menswear Trends F/W 2022

Men’s ergonomic fashion

In this post, I am going to be sharing several ergonomic menswear trends and products that you can wear. In this post, I talk about 10 ergonomic fashion products made by 10 different men’s fashion brands. Ergonomic fashion is clothing that can help you function and perform. Ergonomic fashion is a long-term trend. Fashion ergonomics or ergonomic fashion supports a person’s well-being.

I love ergonomic fashion, and I know—I am a woman. Why would I be talking about men’s fashion? Well, there are plenty of male fashion designers that talk about women’s fashion and design for women. Additionally, I used to draw fashion illustrations, mostly of women’s fashion, but I also used to draw men’s fashion design illustrations. My platform, the Healthy Fashion Campaign, is all about MEN’s and WOMEN’s fashion!

Ergonomic trends

We need to take sportswear design as a form of inspiration because when we are exercising and moving we need the clothes to move too. Sportswear designers have created and produced clothing for movement. Even when we are still, our bodies are constantly moving, so we need clothing that promotes movement.

I have been wearing leggings and biker shorts this summer. I have worn ergonomic black leggings (sportswear inspired) for many many years. I love my cotton/spandex leggings, and they are a long-term ergonomic trend.

A few ergonomic parts of clothing to consider are insulation to protect against cold, absorption properties, allowing the heat to pass through the clothing, breathability, and defense from toxins and poisons in the environment.

Below I have included the ten ergonomic products and I have listed 10 fashion products I personally love. You can shop the look by clicking on the hyperlinked brand’s names. I listed them below in a list with descriptions. The description includes the name of the garment and a few reasons why it is ergonomic.

10 Ergonomic Menswear Fashion Products from 10 Different Brands

1. Anti-slip rubber socks by Falke

Falke is a menswear and womenswear brand. I like their Lodge Homepad Men’s House Socks. They are made from 93% cotton and 7% polyamide, so they are predominantly plant-based. The cuff of the sock is ribbed, which gives the ankle additional support. They call the “form” of the sock anatomic, meaning it is anatomically constructed. The slip-reducing sole is ergonomic because slippery socks can make you unbalanced. I like the heather gray and light forest green color patterns, and they have other nice colors too.

2. Unbrushed fleece sweatshirt by I Love Ugly

This sweatshirt is called “Box Crew.” I love the dark green color (and it comes in other colors). The fleece texture is ergonomic because it is soft and lightweight. The crew sweatshirt has an ergonomic ribbed neckband hem and cuffs for support.

3. Rollneck crew sweater by L.L. Bean

What a nice sweater by LL Bean called Organic Cotton Rollneck Crew Sweater. I like sportswear and outdoor apparel designs for men. I think the fashion industry can also get inspired by their collections too. Knitwear is one of the most ergonomic types of fabrics you can wear. I love the roll-neck on this sweater and it is an ergonomic design. Made of 100% cotton, plant-based fabrics are ergonomic. The texture of the sweater is also ergonomic because it is tactile. I also love that is it heathered yarn.

4. Structured and pleated terry pants at Good Stuff by Richer Poorer

These menswear pants are called “Structured Terry Pleated Pants.” I love that they are made with Cotton Sorona® French terry. The terry cloth will absorb sweat and keep you dry. The pleats are stylish in the front at the waistband, and you could wear this with a dressy jacket.

The pleat also gives the body extra room, yet the pant is tapered, giving it a slim look as well. These pants are ergonomically designed, and the company, Richer Poorer, says “we are making the world a more comfortable place” and their motto is “Confidence in comfort.

5. Fleece tee by Los Angeles Apparel

This is a great design, a fleece teeshirt. Their tee is called the “Pigment Dyed Heavy Fleece Tee.” It keeps you warm but also exposes a lot of skin surfaces that can breathe easily. I love the ergonomic dropped shoulder of their tee, and it is 100% organic cotton. Fleece is a good ergonomic material, and the heaviness of the shirt can help with stress.

6. Jersey knit button-up at Nordstrom by Ted Baker London

Button-ups can be dressy to wear, and sometimes the woven material might be a little restricting. The jersey knit button-ups are just as dressy, and they have ergonomic stretch properties that give movement. I love this Cotton/Linen Blend Button Up Shirt by Ted Baker London, called the “Mitre Knit Linen & Cotton Button Up Shirt.

7. Cotton flannel lined pants by Woodies

I like the “Washed Khaki Flannel Lined Stretch Chino” by Woodies. These are ergonomic because of the double layers, the soft flannel, and the warmth of the pants. They also come in other colors. They are made with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. It’s made with a twill cotton weave and flannel lining.

8. Extra lightweight shorts by REI

REI’s Black Diamond Notion Shorts are extra lightweight and made for rock climbing, but you can wear them every day. They are made with organic cotton and a little elastane. It is said their “seat gusset allows comfortable range of motion,” which is ergonomic. The shorts have an ergonomic elasticated and drawstring waistband.

9. Raglan shirt by Rick Owens

I like Rick Owens’ “Off-White Baseball Sweatshirt”. I like the way it is made out of organic cotton sweatshirt fabric yet looks like a shirt. Raglan sleeve designs don’t always look good, but this design is really nice. The ergonomic raglan design pattern offers greater ease of movement.

10. Orthopedic shoes by Vionic

I love their Caleb sneakers, with orthotic support. Vionic states that they are “driven by the knowledge that healthy feet are the foundation to overall wellbeing.” Orthopedic shoes are definitely ergonomic. Their technology was designed by a podiatrist.

These are the current fashion men’s ergonomic trends above, and I will list them here:

  • Anti-slip rubber socks

  • Unbrushed fleece sweatshirts

  • Rollneck crew sweater

  • Structured and pleated terry pants

  • Fleece tees

  • Extra lightweight shorts

  • Cotton flannel-lined pants

  • Jersey knit button-ups

  • Raglan shirts

  • Orthopedic shoes

Final Note

When we think of our lifestyle, whether we are active or sedentary, we need to wear clothes that are ergonomic. Men (and women) need comfortable apparel with sensory appeal. We need clothes that are ergonomically designed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. All of these clothes are perfect to wear for this fall/winter season of 2022. Many of the pieces can be worn all four seasons. The fashion products are made by contemporary and luxury brands. All of these fashion and accessory products will promote your well-being. In order to design ergonomic fashion, a multifaceted approach to design has to happen. All of these brands were able to produce an ergonomic design (and more ergonomic products are available on their site).

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