Brockton man held without bail after dragging state trooper while fleeing a traffic stop

Brockton man held without bail after dragging state trooper while fleeing a traffic stop

A Brockton man is being held without bail after he dragged a state trooper on a busy city roadway as he sped away from a traffic stop.

A judge at Brockton District Court set the bail status for Derek Lobo, 31, on Friday, pending the outcome of a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Wednesday, according to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz.

Authorities allege Lobo had nearly 11 grams of suspected fentanyl on him when he dragged the trooper.

The incident unfolded on Montello Street around 6 p.m. Wednesday, when two Massachusetts State Police troopers, on patrol in the area, stopped Lobo in the Mercedes he had been driving with windows obstructed by a non-transparent tint and no front license plate.

An initial record check found the inspection sticker on the Mercedes had expired, according to a release from the Plymouth DA’s Office. One trooper stayed by Lobo’s side while the other went back to their cruiser to conduct a further computer check which revealed Lobo’s license was expired and non-renewable, the release states.

Lobo, who authorities say was wearing a black designer cross body style bag, refused to exit the vehicle after being informed of the motor vehicle violations. That’s when a trooper tried to remove Lobo from the Mercedes, and the dragging ensued.

“Lobo accelerated at a high rate of speed with the trooper hanging onto the open door of the Mercedes. It is estimated the trooper was dragged a city block, as Lobo weaved toward oncoming traffic,” the release states.

It continues, “The trooper separated from the moving vehicle and was flung into the opposite lane of travel towards oncoming traffic. Due to the high rate of speed, the trooper’s uniform was shredded and he was injured.”

The two troopers tried to pursue Lobo, who authorities allege was traveling an “estimated 80 miles per hour through busy downtown Brockton,” but the chase quickly came to an end, with Lobo fleeing.

After arriving at an address on Brentwood Avenue that Lobo gave the troopers, authorities found the same Mercedes involved in the incident parked in the driveway. They subsequently discovered the black designer cross body bag Lobo had been wearing, with 10.8 grams of suspected fentanyl inside the bag.

The same trooper that had been dragged and suffered what a state police spokesman called “minor injuries,” arrested Lobo and took the suspect into custody on Thursday.

“CAPTURED: You can run but you can’t hide,” the State Police Association of Massachusetts tweeted Thursday, shortly after Lobo was taken into custody. The tweet showed a trooper walking on the side of a handcuffed Lobo.

Lobo faces 11 charges: trafficking in fentanyl, more than 10 grams; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; assault and battery on a police officer; unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; negligent operation of a motor vehicle; failure to stop for police; not in possession of a license; number plate violation; non-transparent window obstruction; speeding; and no inspection sticker.