Andy Cohen on His No. 1 Best Baby Hack

Andy Cohen on His No. 1 Best Baby Hack

Andy Cohen is sharing a glimpse inside his parenting style — and why it doesn’t require fancy props. 

At BravoCon 2023’s Saturday Ask Andy panel, the Watch What Happens Live host was asked about parenting tips from his book, The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up — which included being a better parent when “just a teeny bit high.” 

Cohen briefly revisited the piece of advice for stoned parenting before jumping into his biggest tip yet. His go-to? Children don’t necessarily need the best of the best when it comes to fancy devices.

“My big one that I learned from my break baby nurse, Teresa — who also worked with Anderson [Cooper], she put us through baby boot camp — she really taught me for infants, don’t give them anything that they become so dependent on,” he said. 

Andy Cohen with children Ben and Lucy.

Andy Cohen/Instagram

In practice, that means some baby basics aren’t conducive to adaptability. “So neither of my kids had pacifiers,” Cohen, 55, continued. “I didn’t do the crib that shakes them to sleep, because what if I go somewhere and they don’t have an electric crib.”

Cohen also spoke about raising his two kids — son Ben, 4, and daughter Lucy, 18 months — in his 50s.

“I have to say, having kids later in life has been a blessing because I’m more in my own skin and I think that I’m not as psycho as I would have been 20 years ago,” Cohen concluded. “I think I’m a little more chill. ‘Okay, eat the chips for breakfast, we’ll try again tomorrow.’”

On Friday, single dad Cohen also spoke on the potential his children enter the entertainment industry. “I would feel great about it,” Cohen said during an Ask Andy panel. “Absolutely great about it. Ben is a ham, he is so funny. It’s so funny when he says something really funny. I look at him and go, ‘Oh my god you’re funny’ and I’m so excited to get into that with him.”

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