Add These Healthy Fashion Concepts Into Your Fashion Business and/or Wardrobe

Add These Healthy Fashion Concepts Into Your Fashion Business and/or Wardrobe

In this post, I share nine healthy fashion and healing fashion concepts. I also talk about why we should focus more on fashion for health and healing to market our fashion business and for our personal wardrobe. Additionally, I have added tools and resources for you in order to add more healthy fashion concepts to your business.

If you are a fashion business, you are most likely a healthy fashion business. There are thousands of different things that fashion businesses do that are healthy practices. If you practice a few or many– you are a healthy fashion business. It is important to start talking about being a healthy fashion business more often—and marketing your business as healthy.

People want to be healthy. If you have a healthy product or a healthy wardrobe, it is next-level to promote and market your company and/or wardrobe as healthy, spiritual, and healing. Healthy fashion concepts are a part of the core values of any business that is a health and wellness fashion business.

One of the biggest issues in fashion today is the lack of focus on fashion being able to be a health and healing modality. Large fashion communities are promoting fashion sustainability, ethical fashion, slow fashion, and zero waste fashion. The nice thing is that the healthy fashion community/movement involves all of these fashion communities/movements.

I help fashion businesses focus on fashion for health and healing

My business– the Healthy Fashion Campaign is for fashion professionals and fashion consumers. It is also for anyone interested in fashion and has an interest in fashion for mind, body, and spirit. It is made for people with both new and older businesses and careers. Additionally, you do not need to have a career in fashion, you just need to have a passion for fashion and a passion for fashion for the mind, body, and spirit.

This campaign is a campaign but also a service. It is for all fashion professionals that want to learn about how they can develop their own business that supports the new fashion movement of “fashion for health as a modern wellness and modern health treatment”.

My business was created to help support your healthy fashion business and/or your fashion wardrobe. I cater to what you need in order to develop a brand that supports human health and wellness.

The Healthy Fashion Campaign was created to enhance and support your own unique branding and business style. I provide enlightened content that will help your personal wardrobe and/or your fashion business—whatever fashion profession you have, my concepts will support you.

Healthy fashion does not support only a specific “style”. Healthy fashion is universal and I support brands and businesses in every style genre and in every style aesthetic.

Healthy Fashion is a guide, and through my services—the book, the blog, the collaborations—it gives you a way to process the information and shows you ways to incorporate healthy fashion concepts into your business. Additionally, I show you strategies that will help you further incorporate healthy fashion concepts into your business.

Do you need help with creating a more healthy fashion company or wardrobe?

  1. Do you want to produce more healthy fashion and/or wear more healthy fashion?

  2. Do you want to learn more about what makes the service or company or product of a company healthy?

  3. Do you want to be a part of the new and permanent trend—fashion as a human health treatment?

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The fashion industry is not the only industry that is becoming healthy. Many industries have outlets that create more healthy products. Just take a look at a few of these industries as an example:

  1. Automobile: hybrids/solar/electric (less petroleum/oil)

  2. Food: vegetarian, carb-free, fat-free, keto, There are so many diets that cater to people’s needs.

  3. Music: there are many music genres that are scientifically proven to help support the body, mind, and spirit; classical, nature sounds, cetacean sounds, wind chime sounds, etc.

  4. Interior design: many designers are incorporating feng shui elements into home interior design, and are using natural materials as well as ergonomic furniture to support the body physically.

  5. Household cleaners: many people with allergies and skin sensitivities to chemicals use all-natural plant-based cleaners because they do not cause irritation and health problems.

You will find in all industries, there are products being sold that cater to people and are in support of helping the current conditions get better.

The fashion industry is just another industry that we can use to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. The fashion industry is already doing this, but many more specific topics of fashion for health, the many different elements of fashion, and things can be introduced into a look, outfit, wardrobe, and fashion business– to help make people healthier.

“Fashion is a powerful force and a way of healing.”

I am going to share a few fashion for health concepts and fashion for healing concepts.

These concepts you can use for your company or wardrobe now:

Healthy fashion Concepts

1. Body care trend

Body care is a long-term trend. Body care is “how an individual performs applications of dressings and ointments or lotions” Body care is all about skin health, exercise, and diet, and it includes fashion because fashion is a part of taking care of your body. Fabrics and fashion affect a person’s body and skin. Introducing fashion as part of the body care concept is key.

2. Healthy cosmetic fabrics

Plant-based and cosmetic fabrics. Fabrics are made with herbal and botanical treatments. An example of a cosmetic, healing fabric is magnetic fabric. Check out—Magnetic Cloth to Aid Healing“. The strong magnetic fields of the magnet heal the body.

3. What you wear is important (#whatyouwearmatters)

This is a psychological and cultural fashion concept. It can be added to your social media and marketing. What we wear matters—because it affects our own body and the passersby.

4. Specific garments for specific ailments

An ailment, for example, those with digestive problems: wear less structured clothing, such as less fitted blazers and pencil skirts, and more jersey knit elastic-waisted skirts with a loose jersey knit top. Certain specific style aesthetics can help with certain ailments. Fabrics and garments that massage the body and stomach will help digestion.

Healing fashion concepts

5. Healing arts and fashion concepts

The healing arts are a practice that supports a person’s personal growth.

Our clothing is creative. Fashion is art, and it is a way to heal our bodies and minds. There are tons of concepts within the healing arts in relation to fashion.

6. Fashion is used as a coping mechanism (therapy)

Therapeutic fashion solves problems. It inspires people to use fashion as a coping mechanism.

7. Wearing fashion for emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is about how we can handle our emotions. Clothing can be used to help support our emotions.

8. Wearing sound

This concept is a little abstract. I believe sound and fashion are going to be an upcoming trend in the future. I mean wearing clothing that can make a sound or wearing clothing that has the frequency of sound in the fibers and fabrics. Here is one interesting article: Garments that turn clothes into a walking sound system (this is abstract, yet there is so much we can do with clothing and sound in the future)

9. Soul retrieval and fashion

Wearing specific clothing and style genres and style aesthetics to retrieve missing parts of the soul that may have left the body from trauma or may have been taken.

Photo credit: Natailya Vaitkevich/Pexels

Tools and resources

Healthy Fashion offers innovative methods of fashion for mind, body, spirit, health, and wellbeing. I offer valuable information on ways to create advanced fashion design and apparel for all fashion businesses and for people’s wardrobes that support you and your lifestyle. I am always posting valuable resources and insights on my fashion blog and social media. I help both fashion consumers and fashion professionals.

In order to add more healthy fashion concepts to your business,
I have information, tools, and resources:

My book is about fashion for health and fashion for the mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in the book, check out my book page on my website. I have a Q & A in regard to the book, book testimonials, and book endorsements. Also, you can visit my Goodreads page to read my book reviews.

The Free Resources Page
On my resources page on my website, I have a couple of printables available—they will help prompt your business ideas and personal wardrobe. I also have 2 pdf documents: titled “41 Fabric Stores (Modern Apparel Fabric Stores)” These fabric stores have a lot of different plant-based fabrics and “The Top 38 Fashion Industry Certifications.” These certifications are important to learn about!

I have posted 65 blog posts (9/5/22), and I am going to keep posting more. Use these blog posts/articles for business tips, mindful fashion, and as a part of your research.

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