5 Unique Thanksgiving Ideas To Try This Year

5 Unique Thanksgiving Ideas To Try This Year

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Amidst the ongoing pandemic this year, Thanksgiving is still on schedule just like any holiday this year and every family can use these 5 unique thanksgiving ideas. This year’s celebrations will be a bit different than what we are used to. But the important thing is to make memories with your family and friends.

With different circumstances surrounding this year’s fall holiday, I previously shared ways on how to make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration extra special. As we gear up to celebrate fall harvest and Thanksgiving at home in a few weeks, let this year’s changes not deter you from having a fun and festive celebration. You can still make your home festive by decorating your home and dining space with fall pieces. If you’re looking for affordable fall pieces to decorate your home, check out home decor favorites here. 

Start by incorporating pumpkins into your table set as seen in my post. You can pick fresh pumpkins from the farm or buy decorative pieces such as this white pumpkin piece from Target and this pair from Walmart. You can also pick up festive table mates, napkins and dinnerware. To set the mood, don’t forget to add candles and great music.

5 Unique Thanksgiving Ideas To Try This Year

  1. Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar: With how crazy the year has been, it is important to reflect and cherish the little things. Have your friends and family write down what they are thankful for this year and put it in a jar.  These notes can be shared throughout the day as you celebrate. I did something similar a few years ago here.
  2. Pie Eating Challenge: Bake your favorite pie amongst your friends and family and host a timed eating contest in person or via zoom to see who will win.
  3. Ornament decorating: Get a plain ornament and have your friends and family be creative and decorate theirs.
  4. Charade Games: This is by far one of my favorite games to plan for any event. It is a great way of getting everyone involved and laughing.
  5. Get the kids involved: play board games with the kids and even more fun, have them assist in serving the desserts. Anything with sprinkles and syrups gets kids excited.

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5 Unique Thanksgiving Ideas To Try This Year