15 Best Places to Propose in Aspen

15 Best Places to Propose in Aspen

Aspen is a ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. An all-year-round outdoor recreation destination, Aspen boasts high-end restaurants, boutiques, landmarks, luxurious accommodation, fun-filled adventures, and gorgeous natural scenery. All of which makes it a lovely location for proposals.

If you’re toying with the idea of proposing in Aspen, we’ve selected 15 fantastic options.

1. On top of Aspen Mountain

proposing on top the aspen mountain for an incredible view

You can get to Aspen’s magnificent peak using the Silver Queen Gondola. Accessible all year round, you’ll need to purchase tickets, or during summer, you can drive instead. Before you and your betrothed arrive, prepare for the high altitude, and during the 10-minute ride, get ready to pop the question.

You and your partner can cozy up in the relaxing ambiance of the Silver Queen Gondola, feasting your eyes on the stunning mountain views. Whether summer or winter, Aspen’s mountain top is superb, with 360-degree views of the mesmerizing Elk mountains. The Sundeck Lounge is an ideal place to celebrate with drinks after your partner says “Yes!” You’ll need to request a private gondola car in advance, and if you plan on proposing during the ride, you can ask them to stop while you pop the question.

2. Downtown Aspen

picture of downtown aspen under the snow

At 8,000 feet, downtown Aspen is gloriously pretty all year round, with many excellent exploring opportunities. Immerse yourselves in history, eat amazing food, and toast your future married life in a chic cocktail lounge. There are several opportunities where you can create the perfect proposal moment. Afterward, you can take a picture on Cooper Avenue or Mill Street.

3. Ashcroft Ghost Town

interesting picture of ashcroft ghost town for ideas of where to propose in aspen

If you feel like adding a bit of mystery to your proposal, make it unique with a visit to Ashcroft Ghost Town in June. You’ll find breathtaking, private meadows of colorful wildflowers and a picture-perfect backdrop for a proposal. It’s ten miles south of Aspen and has many historic homesteads and ruins for you and your special one to explore. This silver mining ghost town has many restored historical buildings, including a hotel, saloon, and post office. During open hours, guides and interpretive signs tell you stories of this interesting town.

Be aware that you must have a vehicle to get there, as it’s around 30 minutes from downtown Aspen and eleven miles up Castle Creek Road.

4. T Lazy 7 Ranch

picture of the T lazy 7 ranch with horses

T Lazy 7 Ranch is a stunning venue for weddings and proposals all year round. During winter, you and your boo can try snowshoeing and riding the snowmobiles through the White River National Forest. On clear sunny days, you’ll get a peek at the top of the Maroon Bells, and you can take a horseback ride there, too. Another fun activity on offer is fly-fishing. Better still, you can bring the family out to celebrate your proposal in one of their lovely events venues. Get your hands on their all-natural beef, honey, eggs, and hay from their working ranch. If you want to extend your stay, rent a romantic short-term cabin.

5. Hotels in Aspen

proposing in one of the fabulous hotel in aspen

There are fantastic hotels in Aspen for a memorable proposal. Here are our recommendations:

  • Hotel Jerome – Experience this historic, modern landmark built in 1889. The social hub of Aspen, it’s known as “the place where all great stories were born and told.” Hotel Jerome is the only hotel to survive the Depression, the silver crash, and long pre-ski-resort winters.
  • Aspen Meadows Resort – A beautiful resort on 40 acres of land surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Treat your betrothed to a weekend away in this secluded, all-suite sanctuary of nature integrated with art. The resort’s design is historic, and they offer award-winning cuisine and friendly, attentive service.
  • St. Regis Aspen Resort – This is a superb ski resort found at the base of Aspen Mountain. With a beautiful courtyard, it’s an excellent choice for couples wanting a little luxury. Your partner will feel like a Kardashian in a room that’s custom furnished with pieces by Ralph Lauren. The fancy marble bathrooms have double vanities and luxurious shower and bath amenities. Staying at this resort offers you and your boo a classy experience, and it’s within walking distance to Aspen’s dining, shopping, and entertainment options, including the well-known Belly Up Aspen. This resort is spectacular in winter and summer and offers horseback riding, fishing, and golfing, too.

6. The Maroon Bells

picture of the maroon bells during the sunset

The spectacular Maroon Bells are a few miles from T Lazy Ranch in Aspen. There are plenty of scenic trails to choose from, and you’ll be led to the magnificent bell-shaped peaks above the Maroon Valley. This spot has breathtaking views for popping the question. One of the most famous sights in the area, it stands at a jaw-dropping 14,000 feet deep and boasts an expanse of aspen trees and glimmering water from the sublime alpine lake. This location is considered one of Aspen’s most photographed places. If you choose this fantastic spot to pop the question, don’t forget to make a reservation to enter the park.

7. Snowmass Mountain

image of the snowmass mountain for one of the best idea of where to propose in aspen

Snowmass Mountain is the largest of the three mountains in Aspen. It has endless groomers, bumps, and jumps with inviting glades and challenging inclines. It’s a 20-minute drive from downtown Aspen and has some of Colorado’s best summer and winter activities and hiking trails. Propose to your sweetheart amidst the spectacular scenery. Alternatively, after a lovely day of skiing, propose during a delicious meal at Sam’s, Italian cuisine, Elk Camp, organic meals, or the Alpine Room.

Here are some of the fun winter activities you can do with your future spouse:

  • Breathtaker alpine coaster
  • Snow biking lessons
  • Tubing
  • Snowcat dinner rides
  • Ullr nights
  • Aspen powder tours

Summer activities include:

  • Sightseeing and gondola rides
  • Snowmass bike park
  • Paintball
  • Camp Aspen snowmass
  • Disc golf
  • Wall climbing
  • Fishing and mountain-top yoga

8. Independence Pass

picture of the independence pass in aspen under the snow

Independence Pass is situated over the Continental Divide between Aspen and Leadville, a section of the Colorado State Highway 82. Around 32 miles long, it can take 45 minutes to over an hour to traverse. You can stop along the way to enjoy the scenic views and pop the question. The summit is 12,095 feet above sea level. The pass hugs the Roaring Fork River and twists around beautiful groves of Aspen trees. It also crosses the Continental Divide over the Sawatch Mountain Range. The pass has many hiking trails right off the pass, and you could also camp on the Aspen side of the pass.

9. John Denver Sanctuary

picture of the john denver sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of Aspen is a gorgeous park near the Roaring Fork River and directly behind Hotel Jerome. A beautiful spot to pop the question is the romantic bridge. The John Denver Sanctuary is a magical spot for a relaxing, romantic picnic where you can surprise the love of your life by asking them to marry you. In the middle of the circle, you’ll find a lone Colorado Blue Spruce, which symbolizes the spirit of John himself. The sanctuary features man-made wetlands with winding streams. Inside is one of the most extensive public perennial flower gardens, which create a glorious atmosphere for a proposal. To fully appreciate the blooms, visit in late May or early June. It’s accessible all year round and is also next to the Rio Grande Park. The Song Garden has John Denver’s iconic lyrics etched into river boulders formed into a perfect circle representing the circle of life.

10. The Dancing Fountain (In Summer)

proposing at the dancing fountains in aspen

The Dancing Fountain is a downtown Aspen landmark that uses river water to create a symphonic pattern of movement spraying into the air. It’s on the corner of Hymen Ave and Mill Street. A computer genius and local sculptor created this magnificent show stopper in 1979 and programmed the fountain to adopt various patterns. This proposal option is ideal for couples with children as they can play in the water and see if they can cross through the entire fountain without getting wet. They can also place balloons on the water and watch it lift them up in the air. After some family fun, the lighting is just right during sunset for the perfect proposal. Wait for the ideal moment during the fountain show to drop to one knee and have the children participate in this special experience.

11. The Grottos (Fall & Summer)

amazing picture of the grottos in aspen colorado

These ice-carved caverns were created when ice froze in the rocks over thousands of years. All of which provides a unique, dramatic location for a proposal. During the summer, when the ice melts, the sunlight streams through openings in the caves, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Beside the grottos is the Roaring Fork River, and you can choose several captivating viewpoints. The grottos are east of Aspen and a nine-mile drive up Highway 82. There’s also a dedicated parking area. You’ll find the grottos at the end of a 0.6-mile loop.

12. Pine Creek Cookhouse (Summer or Winter)

picture of pine creek cookhouse with mountains and river

Spoil your loved one with a delicious lunch or dinner in the legendary Pine Creek Cookhouse during the peak summer or winter months. This stunning lodge is at the end of Castle Creek Road, surrounded by lovely aspen groves with dramatic peaks. During the winter, the road to Ashcroft Ghost Town is closed. To reach the restaurant, you’ll need to snowshoe, cross-country ski, or ride in a horse-drawn carriage. In summer, you and your partner can bike on the smooth pavements with reduced car traffic. For ambitious, athletic couples, there’s a winding 13-mile bike trail. Why not rent e-bikes and cruise along to the beautiful views? Ensure you make a reservation for lunch or dinner during winter and summer, and the restaurant can arrange transportation if required.

13. Mollie Gibson Park (Summer)

mollie gibson park with trees and mountains behind

Indulge in the magnificent views of Aspen Mountain and watch a glorious, picture-perfect sunset at the base of the Smuggler Mountain parking area and trailhead – the ideal moment for a magical proposal. The beautiful park is found below Smuggler Mine and is a short walk from downtown. Mollie Gibson Park gives you a sloping lawn and mesmerizing views of Aspen Mountain and various other ski spots for a divine proposal backdrop.

14. The Little Nel

picture of the little nel with picture of the mountains

For wine lovers, dine with your partner at the Little Nell Wine Cellar, dubbed The Red Light Lounge. They have fabulous hospitality, and you have a choice of 20,000 delicious bottles of wine. Titillate your tastebuds on some of the world’s most desirable wines and feast on local cheeses and house-cured meats. To go the extra mile, book your dinner with a menu especially prepared by their executive chef.

15. Marolt Open Space

beautiful picture of the marolt open space with an incredible view of the mountain and the blue sky

Marolt Open Space is an adorable proposal location. It’s perfect if you and your partner have a fur baby you’d like to join you on the day, as the space has gorgeous trails to walk. Additionally, trails 40 and 41 are great for adventures on fat bikes. Marolt Open Space is a one-stop adventure location for bikes, dogs, and skiers. But if you’re not all about adventure, have a romantic picnic with your boo. The beauty of the area will create a memorable, picture-perfect proposal backdrop.

Here are some other fun activities you can do with your loved one to spice up an engagement photo shoot:

  • Cabin/Glamping
  • Horseback riding
  • Fly fishing
  • Hot air balloon
  • Off-roading
  • Canoe
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides
  • Fun with a rental car

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