Places & Spaces
– Tatty Devine

Places & Spaces – Tatty Devine

Pack your suitcase and pick up your passport: flight SS24 is now boarding. A wearable postcard from dream destinations near and far: make memories that’ll last forever with this 32-piece, joyful limited edition jewellery collection inspired by our Co-Founders, Rosie and Harriet’s favourite Places & Spaces. 


Embrace avant-garde architecture and collect souvenirs from sunnier climes on your way with a collection split into four themes as we explore places Rosie and Harriet have been, feel at home in or dream of visiting with our new covetable acrylic art jewellery, available online and in our Covent Garden store.


Archipelago Islands Necklace, £230

Island hoppers, this way. Turn up the tropics with SS24’s go-to power necklace, the Archipelago Islands Necklace. Inspired by Co-Founder Rosie’s island upbringing and the allure of distant lands, volcanic formations and tranquil waters come alive in 36 individually layered pieces of glossy laser cut acrylic: spot pearlescent azure blue crashing over sandy shores reimagined in matt gold and topped with lush glitter flecked green. Ready to take you from the Isles of Scilly to the Galápagos, add this limited edition of 30 to your must-pack list.

Shell Grotto Necklace, £120. Shell Grotto Earrings, £55. 
Shell Grotto Statement Necklace, £285.

Rock Rococo realness in our Shell Grotto Statement Necklace. Glow in glistening treasures plucked from the shoreline: this homage to decorative features of 17th century country houses has been carefully etched and hand-inked with ombre geometric designs that dazzle in shades of sea green. Capturing the allure of the ocean, each element of our elegant seaside statement necklace is delicately hand-curved by our expert makers in Kent, just a stone’s throw away from Margate’s majestic grotto. Nodding to spring summer 24’s Oceanic Influence jewellery trend and runways by fashion houses from Versace to Schiaparelli: dive in for a closer look and discover a trio of statement shells, each finished with a glossy imitation pearl bead.

Nautical-inspired designs don’t stop here: discover our matching pearlescent Shell Grotto Earrings and Shell Grotto Necklace. 

Giant’s Causeway Statement Necklace, £245

See it to believe it: it’s our Giant’s Causeway Statement Necklace. We’re paying homage to the raw, rugged landscape of Northern Ireland with this witty and unique geometric necklace, inspired by the eponymous 60 million year old coastline wonder. Laser cut from seven geological shades of acrylic, the natural hexagonal pillars of this long-standing landmark are reimagined in 29 individual pieces, each hand-linked and layered to form a sculptural statement necklace. Part of an extra special numbered edition of just 30: this is the ultimate collector’s piece that, like its namesake, has to be seen to be believed.


Brutalist Dreams Necklace, £160. Spiral Staircase Necklace, £125.

Category is: the brighter, the better. Architects and design lovers, come together to bask in odes to sun-soaked Brutalist structures and pop on a wearable post-modernist structure. Inspired by our Co-Founders love of strolling around London’s Barbican centre at golden hour, bold hues meet architectural flair in our Brutalist Dreams Necklace. Geometric laser cut shapes and angular lines form your new go-to colour-pop power necklace in tesselating shades of electric blue, hot pinks and warm yellow acrylic: dopamine dressers, this one’s for you.

Let down your red wall and let in our Spiral Staircase Necklace. Echoing abstract shapes, as seen on Fendi’s SS24 runways: our articulated graphic necklace pays homage to the instantly-recognisable hot pink apartment complex designed by Ricard Bofil. The movement and geometry of the iconic Spanish structure, La Muralla Roja comes to life in carefully hand-pinned layers of laser cut acrylic: pair this innovative design with striped tees and raw denim.

Smashed Ceramic Necklace, £120. Smashed Ceramic Earrings, £50. 
Smashed Ceramic Butterfly Pendant, £38. Smashed Ceramic Statement Necklace, £240.

Pick up a piece of the transformative world of pique assiette: the Smashed Ceramic Statement Necklace and matching earrings. Glaze upon broken ceramic art recreated as intricately laser cut and handmade jewellery, inspired by the works of modernist architects and artists including Gaudi and Raymond Edouard Isidore. A harmonious portrayal in a sophisticated palette of fuschia, teal, avocado, cream, chartreuse and royal blue acrylic: every detail of each faux-porcelain fragment was meticulously hand drawn by our expert jewellery design team. Limited to a numbered edition of just 30, shop now and style later! Our top tip? Adopt a dash of pattern-clashing for maximum artistic licence. 

Set to shop the full set? Nod to the natural world with our statement flower earrings and unique Smashed Ceramic Butterfly Pendant. 

Bubble Palace Necklace, £160.

Throw shapes, our Bubble Palace Necklace is here. The perfect coral accessory inspired by avant-garde architecture of the French Riviera’s iconic Palais Bullies: each retro-futuristic orb has been carefully hand-layered and pinned together to form a tactile statement necklace, you just want to touch. Part of a numbered edition of just 50, get your hands on this already sought-after confection of salmon, pearlescent blue and iridescent acrylic that’ll elevate summer wedding looks and dazzle on your way to the Pyramid stage.


Wisteria Bloom Earrings, £40. Water Lily Pond Necklace, £120. 
Water Lily Pond Brooch, £48. Water Lily Pond Statement Necklace, £325.

Picture this: you’re strolling around the enchanting garden of legendary impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Transport yourself to Co-Founder Harriet’s dream destination with a wearable work of art like no other, the Water Lily Pond Statement Necklace. A triumphant tableau for art lovers and botanists alike, embellish every look with a sophisticated floral statement necklace inspired by the iconic bridge over mirrored water. Reflecting the artistry and beauty of art and nature and floating over an azure pond, each delicately hand curved 3D floral spins as if atop rippling water. Layer over crisp neutrals, with a paintbrush in hand to echo delicate brushstroke details.

Ready to dive in? Make a style splash with your new go-to purple earrings, our Wisteria Bloom Earrings, best paired with awe-inspiring 3D Water Lily Pond Necklace. 

Artist’s Window Necklace, £135.

From artist’s gardens to our Artist’s Window Necklace: impressionist-inspired jewellery designs don’t stop there… Pull back the curtain on dream-like landscapes echoing the vibrant strokes of Monet and Renoit, through fifteen individually laser cut and layered pieces of acrylic: a witty accessory, best layered over painterly smocks, serve sun-soaked ‘scapes with hot pink flowers, pearlescent blue skies and shimmering yellow sun.  

Michaelmas Daisy Pendant, £68. 
Bluebell Painting Earrings, £32. Bluebell Painting Necklace, £175.

Wake up and smell the roses: your go-to floral jewellery is in full bloom. Best layered over spring/summer 24’s trending sheer whites, take your pick from pastel purple florals, marble pink perennials and pearlescent blue blooms. Our signature laser cut style meets delicate watercolour floral illustrations plucked straight from our Co-Founder, Rosie’s grandmother Joan’s book: The Glory of the Garden, documenting the restoration of her Victorian garden on the Isle of Wight. 

Whether you’re entering enchanted woodlands with our Bluebell Painting Necklace, feeling love in the mist in our spinning Nigella Flower Painting Pendant or going full on floral in our wearable bouquet, the easy-to-gift Glory of the Garden Necklace.

Poppy Painting Brooch, £58. Nigella Flower Painting Pendant, £66. 
Glory of the Garden Floral Necklace, £128.


Outsider Art Lips Necklace, £75. Outsider Art Face Earrings, £88. 
Outsider Art Face Necklace, £95. 

Next stop, Paris via heart-shaped visages and strolls around La Maison Picassiette. Read our lips: outsider art is in… emulate naïve-style mosaics, while nodding to spring/summer ‘24s must-have metallic trend with our Outsider Art Face Necklace and Places & Spaces’ ‘pop of red’, the Outsider Art Lips Necklace. An intricate arrangement of vibrant hues and geometric shapes, our glossiest laser cut acrylic is carefully tessellated to create a striking statement necklace inspired by the glass bottles and statement shards favoured by outsider artists. 

Serve bold fashion looks with an asymmetrical neckline, statement sleeves and metallic statement earrings: our limited edition Outsider Art Face Earrings.

Paris Time Clock Necklace, £135. Paris Time Clock Ring, £40.

Reinventing timeless designs: reach for our luxurious homage to Co-Founder Harriet’s french fascination, the Paris Time Clock Necklace. An easy-to-style monochromatic necklace, we’ve recreated the iconic interior clock of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris in segments of silver glitter, each layered with recycled black acrylic roman numerals. Sophisticated and sparkling: pair with your best LBD for all around the clock looks – don’t forget the matching Paris Clock Ring. Ooh la la!

Eiffel Tower Snow Globe Necklace, £78. Eiffel Tower Earrings, £45. Paris Love Affair Charm Necklace, £185.

You’ve reached your final destination: add a touch of Parisian charm to any capsule wardrobe with our Paris Love Affair Charm Necklace. Pay homage to romance, style and the French capital’s unique allure with this golden tchotchke of vintage-style links and charms that read Paris, literally. Best paired with classic basics tucked into this season’s trending high-rise trousers, strut through the city’s icons in this objet d’art. Handcrafted from 29 individual pieces: spot the Sacré Coeur and glistening Winged Victory of Samothrace to a lusciously glowing Moulin Rouge windmill complete with hand-pinned sails that really spin. 

Souvenirs to shop before you arrive! Parisian chic meets daring British design in our Eiffel Tower Snow Globe Necklace: a quintessentially French cityscape is captured in a transparent orb, heated and hand-curved by our expert team of makers. Ignore Coco Chanel’s rule of taking one thing off, be sure to add our Eiffel Tower Earrings before your hunt for the freshest croissant begins.

Designed to be treasured forever, our intricate seasonal collections are limited to reflect their complex nature and Places & Spaces is no different! Part of a numbered and limited edition run, with often just 30 available, of these delicate, hand-crafted jewels available, shop SS24 online and in our Covent Garden store now.