What We’re Wearing Right Now

What We’re Wearing Right Now

What We’re Wearing Right Now

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One of the most significant pieces of sportswear ever designed, the simple hoodie has transcended its original use as a warming garment for athletes into a casualwear staple. Today, while still used for keeping players cozy at practice, many guys have incorporated the most comfortable men’s hoodies into their daily outfits. Doing this is easier today than ever with the explosion of the athleisure market in tandem with slowly deformalizing dress codes at workplaces. In fact, in some Zuckerburgian circles, the hoodie is a mandatory office layering piece.

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But the popularity of men’s hoodies didn’t sprout overnight. Instead, it’s been on a steady rise since Champion first slapped a hood on a sweatshirt in the 1930s. From this berth came the ever-convenient zip-up hoodie, new materials like Tencel and sherpa to make hoodies softer, and now temperature-regulating hoodies are at the forefront of hoodie technology. And despite some brands using unicorn hair and baby tears to charge $3,000 for their take on this godsend of a jacket, the average price of a great hoodie remains affordable.

Regardless of how much anybody chooses to spend, the most comfortable hoodies for men are a welcome addition for guys who want versatility without feeling restricted. Here are some of SPY’s favorite comfortable hoodies for men in 2023.

What is the Most Comfortable Hoodie?

Wow, somebody is wasting zero time here. While comfort is subjective, customer satisfaction counts for something. The most comfortable hoodies for men use soft fabrics that don’t mess with movement and regulate body temperature. Many brands make great hoodies, but comfort is found in trying. Below are SPY’s favorite hoodies at the moment.

What Materials Make Hoodies More Comfortable?

Cotton, of course, is the main player here with its soft and breathable durability. Modal, a fabric that comes from beechwood pulp, is silky soft and also biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle. Many of SPY’s favorite hoodies are sherpa, fleece (polyester-based), or eco-fleece lined. If opting for a fleece hoodie, opt for non-virgin polyester if possible.

Who Wins in the Battle of Pullover Hoodie vs. Zip-Up?

Pullover — hands down. While zip-up hoodies have a place in comfortable daily outfits, when it comes to lounging, the pullover hoodie is seamlessly comfortable against the body. Try wearing a zip-up hoodie with no shirt underneath and come talk to us.

a man wearing the champion reverse weave hoodie in black

a man wearing the champion reverse weave hoodie in black


Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie

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Price: $65.00

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$65 at Champion

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The Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie is the TB12 of hoodies in fit, performance, and style. An American icon, this hoodie resists shrinkage with its vertical construction for long-lasting fit retention and the ultimate #OOTD staying power.

Although many millennials grew up recognizing Champion as a K-Mart brand in the Y2K era, the brand has risen from the dead over the last ten years thanks in part to their 2012 collaboration with the then-newbie menswear brand, Todd Snyder. Since that collab, the brand has soared back into style with the Reverse Weave Hoodie leading a charge into the daily outfits of athletes, hype beasts, and comfort lovers alike. Streetwear kids may be scooping these up at alarming rates, but the Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie is for all.

A relaxed fit, it’s one of the most comfortable hoodies for men who care about staying on trend. But it also provides exceptional warmth thanks to its heavyweight fabrication. Dense and durable with a kanga pocket to warm up hands, this powerhouse pullover offers human hug-level comfort at an affordable price.

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the softwear mens tie dye hoodie in black and white

the softwear mens tie dye hoodie in black and white


Softwear Unisex Hoodie

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Price: $128

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Why It Stands Out: Softwear — it’s in the name. Their gear redefines the word “soft” upon first contact with carefully curated materials. Their tie-dye stuff is hand-died and made in Los Angeles along with the rest of their products.

Made For: Guys who rock the slim fit life and want to be the first in their circle to find indie athleisure brands.

Hot Take: This is the hoodie your S.O. will steal from you. Softer than Eric Clapton’s voice covered in airbags, Softwear’s responsibly sourced Cloudweave fabric uses a Modal-cotton blend and a dash of spandex to make one of the softest, most comfortable hoodies for men who like to accentuate the muscular body they’ve worked so hard to get. Wearing one of these hoodies provides the indescribable sense of security that’s typically experienced when wearing a well-fitting pair of men’s jeans or a made-to-measure suit.

Their men’s hoodies are tailored perfectly for slim-fit guys, hugging contours while remaining malleable and breathable. Don’t be shy about ordering a size up in these hoodies (or their matching men’s joggers) for a regular or relaxed fit — it’ll compensate for any shrinkage and will even out at the correct size.

the men's scodi hoodie in black and grey

the men’s scodi hoodie in black and grey


SCODI Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie

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Price: $79.99 $47.99

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Why It Stands Out: This fleece-lined multi-blend hoodie combines cotton, wool, and polyester into a comfort hoodie cocktail. Also, it’s available in 40 different colors and prints.

Made For: Casual winter weekends in the city but not north of Buffalo, NY.

Hot Take: The Scodi Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie has a lot to like, due in part to the several dozen colorways available on Amazon. The fleece lining inside this hoodie is exceptionally warm, making it a great option for running errands on cold mornings. But this fleece has a secret — it has a higher cotton count. That means it’s harder to generate static electricity, the hellspawn of wearing wool in dry climates. The only area of improvement Scodi could make is the sizing, as it runs a bit small.

a man and woman wearing the heather grey champion powerblend pullover hoodie

a man and woman wearing the heather grey champion powerblend pullover hoodie


Champion Powerblend Hoodie

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Price: $50.00 $33.07

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$42 at Macy’s

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Why It Stands Out: Thickness is everything with the Champion Powerblend Hoodie. Yes, this one will keep you cozy, but it’s also a great hoodie for the gym or styling under a top piece like a denim jacket.

Made For: Spring skiers, trail hikers, dudes who run in the morning, Yukon Cornelius on gym days. Not Miss Trunchbull (she doesn’t like logos).

Hot Take: Not so much a “hot” take because this fleece-lined hoodie isn’t bomb cyclone-ready, but this is one of the most comfortable hoodies for men who need the right piece for fall or early spring (read Los Angeles winter) for that do-all street fit. The Powerblend Hoodie is a good alternative to the Reverse Weave, which is much thicker, though some prefer living life in a denser fabric. But this hoodie is also less expensive. If this becomes the go-to exercise hoodie, make sure to wash it right after. The fleece lining hangs on to funky body odors and turns this pullover into a P U-ll over.

The enve sherpa hoodie in andorra red

The enve sherpa hoodie in andorra red


Enve Sherpa Fleece Hoodie

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Price: $130

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Why It Stands Out: It’s disarming to learn that a hoodie of this comfort caliber came from a bicycle company. It’s like that one time you learned Dr. Bronner’s makes chocolate.

Made For: Post-bike recovery or for those whose favorite TV show comes from their Peloton screen.

Hot Take: The High Piled Fleece of the Enve Sherpa Fleece Hoodie boosts the comfort factor to the top of the scale. Partially made with recycled polyester, Enve is among the brands admirably striving to use less virgin material, resulting in a plushy envelopment for warmdowns and weekends on the couch. They’ve added useful features like zippers inside the kangaroo pocket and rubberized drawstring tips. There’s also a matching pair of joggers to spark a wicked LA vibe with a two-piece set that’s just shy of overkill.

The price reflects the tech, sitting above average at $130 but it requires some extra attention during the laundering process. However, once it’s on, all financial thoughts go out the window as it transports the body inside to a cloudlike state.

the grey nike dri fit therma hoodie

the grey nike dri fit therma hoodie


Nike Dri-FIT Therma Men’s Full-Zip Training Hoodie

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Price: $66.31

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Why It Stands Out: It has that iconic Nike sporty look that makes it feel like you’re a professional athlete whenever you put it on.

Made For: This fleece-lined Nike hoodie was made for cardio. Also, people who hate being cold might take a liking to this one.

Hot Take: For jogging or weekly workout sessions at the gym, the Nike Therma tech quickly promotes perspiration for those much-needed sweat sessions. With the Dri-Fit tech, however, instant relief comes upon unzipping the jacket, allowing for rapid cool-downs and wicking away sweat buildup. After it’s been washed, it doubles as a slick everyday hoodie. It pairs well with a short-sleeved shirt for an easy, laid-back night.

the homage go to hoodie in red

the homage go to hoodie in red


Homage Go-To Hoodie

Buy at Homage

Price: $59

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Why It Stands Out: This hoodie encapsulates its name — the Go-To. It’s among the softest in the SPY closet and every piece from Homage worn seems to retain shape perfectly during the laundering process. Kudos.
Made For: Sneakerheads. Really — with their 12 core colors, the lineup is a no-brainer for the newest pair of Air Force 1’s or Jordans off StockX. Homage also sizes up to 3XL because big guys deserve comfortable hoodies too.
Hot Take: Homage is an indie company on the SPY radar. Based out of Ohio, the brand features sports collabs with cooler-than-normal graphics as well as a wild arrangement of minimalist, comfy offerings. Their gear has been spotted on Aaron Rodgers en route to practice and even on Akilah Hughes at Super Bowl LVI.

These cozy hoodies are made with the same care and craft as their famous tees and are absolutely for the whole family. Highly recommend bundling the Go-To Hoodie with a pair of Go-To men’s joggers or shorts to rock comfort from top to bottom. Rumor has it that if you bundle the red Go-To Hoodie with the matching joggers, it comes with cookies, milk, and a free reindeer.

Parting Shock About Comfortable Hoodies

Comfort is, above all, a subjective term. Somebody who’s allergic to wool might not think a wool hoodie is comfortable. But in the above group, all have been deemed the most comfortable hoodies for men by SPY writers. Some of them have even become defensive about their picks.

Subjectivity aside, things were learned from this experiment.

The first thing is that tried and true hits with hoodies. The Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie, the Steve Rogers of all hoodies, is still the top dog today, no cap. But sometimes venturing outside one’s comfort zone is the best way to find, well, comfort. The second thing, in the case of the Enve Sherpa Fleece Hoodie, is that very few would have supposed such a great hoodie could come from a bicycle company. And with the Scodi Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie, sometimes betting on an unfamiliar brand pays off — it did for the 2,000-plus reviewers on Amazon.

Also, hoodies are a personal statement. Many of the options above are available in over six colorways for a reason — they serve the wearer. If blending in is the goal, heather grey or black is the one. But for those looking for a pop of color, wearing or layering with a hoodie is a great way to make a statement.

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