What to wear on New Year’s Eve (and for a 60th birthday celebration!) — That’s Not My Age

What to wear on New Year’s Eve (and for a 60th birthday celebration!) — That’s Not My Age

What to wear on New Year’s Eve (and for a 60th birthday celebration!) — That’s Not My Age

Photo: Sarah Brick. Hair & make-up: Lindsey Poole

There’s a Tracey Thorn song called Dancefloor (2018) and the chorus goes, ‘ Oh, but where I’d like to be, is on a dance floor with some drinks inside of me, someone whispering it’s a quarter after three, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.’ The first time I heard it, the realisation that I might never be in that situation again made me feel very emotional. But, there’s a lot to be said for not spending the evening in a noisy bar, slobbering down a stranger on the night bus home and waking up fully clothed to find that you made it back wearing just the one shoe.

Thank goodness those messy times are behind me, and I feel more settled now. Walking through Soho after a recent trip to the theatre, and witnessing some post-Christmas Party Carnage reinforced my appreciation of the low-key, get-together. Scheduled Early Doors, of course. Now, where I’d rather be is…tucked up in bed.

Of course, I will be making an exception on New Year’s Eve. When I’ll be in New York with friends and family and staying up long enough to welcome in 2024. I doubt I’ll make it to 3am but aided by a late-afternoon coffee, I should have the stamina to keep my eyes open till 1 o’clock.

This year, I intended to write more about age and approaching 60; I’ll be celebrating my birthday in New York (and I’ll be celebrating Patti Smith’s birthday, too, at a gig in Brooklyn. Because I still LOVE live music), but to be completely honest, I’ve felt absolutely fine. No existential crisis, no age-related anxiety and not much to add to my previous thoughts. In retrospect, I got all that out of the way aged 39. The combination of self-acceptance, post-menopausal attitude and not having time to sweat the small stuff, is a powerful thing. And 60 is nothing to be scared of.

Keep interested, keep moving and keep in touch with loved ones.


Wishing you health and happiness and all the very best for the New Year.


As for what to wear on New Year’s Eve: keep it chic in black and white:


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The poplin dress shirt is from With Nothing Underneath, loaned for the shoot. The sequin skirt is very old M&S – in fact, I wore it for my 50th birthday in NYC. It’s the only sequinned item of clothing I own and I intend to keep it that way. The slingback pumps are Russell & Bromley, also loaned and returned.