What To Do as a Jewellery Maker with An Extra Day This Leap Year

What To Do as a Jewellery Maker with An Extra Day This Leap Year

Did you know that this year is a leap year? That’s right, 2024 is giving us all an extra day! That’s an extra 24 hours to try a new jewellery making technique or do more of the same. We’ve compiled a list of what we think jewellery makers need to try on February 29th……

Change your preferred choice

If you’re a jewellery maker and work primarily with one material, we challenge you to try and make something using a different metal or material. Instead of gold and silver why not try palladium, platinum or even some of our gold-filled options? Or why not try something completely different and use silver clay?

Give something a try and don’t forget to share it on our social channels using hashtag #madewithcg so we can see what you’ve made.

Use a household item

From a spoon in your sink to a leaf in your garden, why not try and repurpose a household item to make some jewellery? Put your skills to the test and see what you can do. A ring from a spoon? Earrings using an old leather dress? The options are endless.

Leave jewellery making behind

Don’t worry, not for forever, but why not try something completely new? The world of arts and crafts is vast, from pottery to sewing to painting, set yourself a challenge where you can show off your ability to be creative, your attention to detail and your design prowess in an area where you otherwise wouldn’t?

Open your doors

From new jewellery makers to friends and family, invite people in. Have your own open day and show everyone everything, from the layout of your workshop to the tools you use and how you use them. Showing off everything you can do is a great reminder to yourself of exactly how great your skills are, and you never know, you might inspire a budding jewellery maker.

Time capsule

Occurring every four years means that a leap year is a great chance to reflect so why not do just that? This year on February 29th why not create a time capsule of your favorite designs, whether an image or a picture or even a sample piece? Or take a picture of your workshop as it is right now. A time capsule is such a unique way to preserve memories and a great way to reflect on how far you’ve come in your jewellery making journey.

Each leap year gives us an extra day for opportunities. You could use that extra day to make some more of your favourite jewellery, but you could also use it to try something new. Old habits are hard to break so we’re not proposing anything drastic, just a chance to leap into some fun…see what we did there?

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Author: Sian Brown
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Sian Brown

Sian has been hand making her award winning jewellery in the West Midlands for over 12 years. Sian spent 10 years in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter before relocating to a quiet Worcestershire village.