What is an In-store Event

What is an In-store Event

Looking for the perfect wedding dress can be quite an adventure, and we’re here to help you every step of the way! We know that shopping for a wedding dress differs from shopping for everyday clothes. Instead of simply grabbing a dress off the rack and taking it home, you’ll need to be fitted into a sample dress and then wait a few months for your custom-made gown to be tailored to fit you perfectly. Plus, we’ve got some exciting in-store events called trunk shows that are unique to the wedding dress shopping experience. During a trunk show, we’ll have a more extensive selection of sample gowns from a particular designer available for you to try on. So let’s find your dream dress together!

What Happens at an In-Store Event 

To fully understand why in-store events are vital to our bridal salon’s business model, let’s first look at how our inventory works. Our designers create around 15 new gowns each season, and we typically carry 5 to 8 of those designs in our shop. When we find a particular style we love, we order just one gown sample, which you can try in our store. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, we will order it in your size and color. 

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding dress, check out an in-store event! During these events, a designer will send a bunch of gowns (sometimes up to 30!) to a salon for a weekend. This way, you can try a broader variety of styles from the brand. You might even try on some gowns that have yet to be revealed to the public! 

While these events used to be called “trunk shows,” we’re trying to switch the name to “in-store events.” At our events, we usually have a representative from the designer in our store for the whole weekend (or just on Saturday). Sometimes, the designers themselves will be there to provide their expertise on their gowns, offer suggestions on how to style them, and make adjustments if needed. 

In-Store Event Versus Traditional Dress Shopping 

If you plan on visiting an in-store event, you’re in for a treat! It’s similar to a regular salon visit. You’ll book your appointment, browse through the collection of gowns, and try on the ones you love. The best part? You’ll get to try gowns from the trunk show and the in-store collection! Just remember that you won’t be able to take the gown home with you immediately. But don’t worry; you can still place an order for the style you want.

Book your appointment ASAP, but with consideration for others. 

We’d love to help you book your appointment with us for your special day! Remember that we can only accommodate the same number of appointments as any other weekend during an in-store event. This means you’ll compete with other shoppers and designer fans for a spot. So, it would be fantastic if you could book your appointment as soon as possible! Please be considerate of others while doing so. Let us know if you have any questions; we’re here to help make your day extra special!

Make the most of an on-site appearance. 

If you’ve fallen in love with a skirt from one gown and a top from another, you might wonder if you can combine the two. Well, don’t worry! The designer or a representative from the brand will have the most insight into what’s possible when it comes to altering a gown style. And guess what? If they’re available during the trunk show, you can speak up and ask for their help. Don’t be shy! It’s always worth asking, even if they can’t accommodate your request. You can also chat with your bridal stylist to see if the designer is open to customizations. But remember, it’s okay if you don’t have any questions – sometimes it’s nice to have the rep or designer there to offer suggestions based on their vast experience. So go ahead and enjoy the trunk show!

Come prepared to make a purchase.

Upcoming In-Store Events are the perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek at the latest gowns. If you plan to attend, ensure you’re ready to fall in love with “the one.” So, bring your VIPs along and get ready to officially say “yes” to the dress – you won’t want to miss this exciting chance