Visiting Atelier Beauté Chanel in Soho

Visiting Atelier Beauté Chanel in Soho

Atelier Beauté Chanel in Soho

If you haven’t heard of a concept Chanel beauty store in Soho, you’ve been missing out. Atelier Beauté Chanel is New York’s most exciting beauty playground where you can try, learn, and Instagram the latest Chanel skincare and Chanel makeup launches. If you are visiting Atelier in person or tune-in online, this double-C-themed heaven is a must-explore for all @WeLoveCoco lovers.

Over this weekend, I stopped by Atelier Beauté Chanel to explore this under-the-radar Chanel store myself. A quick tour that I initially planned turned into a beauty exploration journey that lasted for hours. I left this unique Chanel store with a bag of newly discovered products, full-face makeup, and a much-improved mood.

atelier beaute chanel soho

Exploring Atelier Beauté Chanel in Soho

Without looking for this designer beauty workshop, you could easily miss a simple sign at Wooster Street in Soho. The exact address of the location is 120.5 Wooster Street, 2nd floor, New York City. It’s right on the corner of Chanel Soho boutique that sells makeup, perfume, and skincare together with the brand’s signature accessories.

Upon entering Atelier Beauté Chanel Soho, you are passing through a sci-fi style mirrored hallway that leads to a cozy welcome area. Fresh flowers, comfortable sofas, and glossy lockers. The vibe of this Chanel store entryway is something between a luxury gym and an Upper East Side living room.

After saying our hellos to the Atelier Beauté team, we locked in our belongings and created Chanel Atelier Beauté accounts. That way, you can keep track of all the products you tested throughout the experience and pick up the ones you’d like to purchase at the end of the Chanel beauty exploration journey. Keep in mind that your regular Chanel dot com account is different from the Atelier Beauté Chanel one.

Atelier Beaute Chanel Perfume

Layout: Atelier Beauté

Atelier Beauté Chanel Soho is divided into sections, each offering a unique Chanel cosmetics experience to enjoy:

  • Chanel Skincare is the first section, where you can wash your face with the brand’s products. Wipe your face with white fluffy towels and pick your products of choice from the Chanel skincare line. Every skincare station is equipped with a lit-up mirror so you can see the texture and instant results the products deliver.
  • Chanel Makeup takes the majority of the floor, with multiple sections dedicated to a specific area of application. For instance, you can test complexion products at one mirrored station and explore the variety of lipstick offerings at a dedicated counter.
  • Chanel Perfume is located in a separate room. Everything there, in the land of decadent scents, is designed in darker hues than the rest of the atelier. Also, be prepared to see the biggest fragrance shelve you’ve ever encountered: it’s truly fabulous.

 You can have a glimpse at what exactly the layout looks like by taking this quick virtual tour.

Atelier Beaute Chanel - Visiting Hours, Cleaning, and Recycling

Visiting Hours, Cleaning, and Recycling

Atelier Beauté Soho is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 12 pm to 7 pm, and from 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday. Walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary. 

We visited the studio on Saturday afternoon and there we didn’t see more than a few people throughout the experience. Atelier Beauté Soho was not crowded at all and we appreciated the beauty team who was very handy in answering our questions.

The product cleaning procedure was also straightforward. Every product we picked from a shelf and tested, we left it at a dedicated cleaning area for further sanitation.

There are boxes of disposable applicators at each beauty station, as well as cleansing wipes, cotton pads, and hand sanitizer. You can recycle these one-time-use applicators in dedicated bins.

Talking about recycling, you can also bring your empty beauty packages to Atelier Beauté Soho (regardless of brand). Chanel partners with TerraCycle to provide a recycling drop-off service to its customers.

Chanel Skincare at Atelier Beauté

Chanel Skincare Try-On at Atelier Beauté

The first section at Atelier Beauté I explored was skincare. I was heading straight after a workout session so I was really happy to have the opportunity to wash my face. 

Typically, I bring my mini skincare kit to the gym so I can wash off everything right away. This approach proved to help me deal with my acne issues. Having an entire Chanel skincare floor available for me to try all the brand’s skincare products was super handy, to say the least. After a cleanser and toner, I moved towards the next steps of my skincare routine.

Some of the Chanel skincare products that stand out to me during the visit:

Chanel Dermaquillant Yeux Intense
Chanel Papier Matifiant Blotting Papers

Chanel Papier Matifiant (Blotting Papers)

$35 for 150 pieces

In all honesty, I had no idea that Chanel actually does blotting paper. Especially in such cute mirrored packaging with double-C-logos print on the blotting sheets. Such a must-have for luxury beauty lovers with an oily T-zone.

Chanel UV Essentiel Sunscreen

Chanel UV Essentiel Complete Protection Antioxidant Anti-Pollution Sunscreen

$55, 1 fl. oz.

For some reason, when I think about Chanel skincare, sunscreen is not the first thing that comes to mind. But this lightweight sunscreen fluid proved me wrong. The product applies and blends so effortlessly and the sun-protective factor is an impressive SPF 50. This nano zinc-oxide sunscreen is certainly the one to get excited about: I’m totally hooked!

Chanel L’Eau De Mousse Anti-Pollution Water-to-Foam Cleanser

Chanel L’Eau De Mousse Anti-Pollution Water-to-Foam Cleanser

$50, 5 fl. oz.

A good cleanser is so crucial and so hard to find. This unique micellar to foam cleanser is one of the best I recently tried. It foams like a dream and really cleanses your skin, without over-drying. I loved both the texture and the scent of this luxurious cleansing product.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Cream Fortifying Replenishing Hydration

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Cream Fortifying Replenishing Hydration

$98, 1.7 fl. oz.

This micro-capsulated moisturizer hugs your skin in a hydration blanket. The feeling of nourishing micro-droplets that dissolve on your skin is as luxurious and satisfying as you would expect from a luxury skincare line like Chanel. What makes this cream even more obsession-worthy is its gel-cream texture that is so ideal for layering with other skin products like serums and sunscreen.

Chanel Makeup at Atelier Beauté Soho

Perhaps, the most exciting section for me at Atelier Beauté Chanel was the makeup section. The curated collection of all things Chanel makeup is divided into sections that just make so much sense. Here, you have all of the foundation formulas at one beauty station which allows you to compare both hues and coverage of each product. A highlighter section is paired with blushes and bronzers. That’s the exact combo you need to create that multi-dimensional look.

Honestly, I could have spent at this section all day. Chanel has so much to offer when it comes to makeup! I’ll try to be brief while describing which Chanel makeup products stand out to me. Some of them I brought home with me, while other out-of-stock items are on my immediate wishlist.

Chanel Ultra Le Teint Flawless Finish Foundation

Chanel Ultra Le Teint Flawless Finish Foundation

$60, my shade is BD11

This serum-like foundation is the one I’ve been dreaming about. It provides close to full coverage without looking cakey while feeling so soft on my skin. It’s breathable but with a matte finish. Illuminating but not dewy. Claimed to provide up to 24-hours of wear. Pretty much, everything I want from an everyday liquid foundation: to apply it in the morning and forget about it till late at night.

Chanel Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner in 65 Hyperblack

Chanel Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner in 65 Hyperblack

$35, exclusive to Chanel stores

For starters, I never tried a cream eyeliner by Chanel as it’s apparently exclusive to brand boutiques. In other words, you won’t see it if you stop by the Chanel makeup counter at a department store. The cream eyeliner applies like a dream: smooth, not too fast drying but very durable. Most importantly, it’s highly pigmented and pitch black.

Chanel Crayon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in 40

Chanel Crayon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in 40 ($29)

I’ve tried this brow pencil before and forgot how wonderful it is. A perfect in-between not too hard and not too soft, it applies evenly and stays all day. Bonus points for a brow brush on the other side of the pencil.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 79 Spices

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 79 Spices ($62)

I recently reviewed Chanel’s latest addition to the cult-favorite Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes (which I loved). This limited-edition quad stood out to me as I’m a sucker for a millennial pink eyeshadow. In the satin finish, it doesn’t look too pigmented on my pale skin which makes it a lot more everyday-friendly. Add three neutral satins – and I’m sold.

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush

$45, my shade in 72 Rose Initial

I’m putting it out here just in case you’ve never heard how AMAZING Chanel blushes are. I’ve been using this particular hue for years. Together with 64 Pink Explosion, this light pink blush is the one I’m wearing most of the days. It adds natural-looking color to my complexion and makes me look healthier since my skin is so pale naturally.

101 on Atelier Beauté Chanel Beauty Classes

There is no appointment necessary to visit Atelier Beauté Chanel Soho. You can stop by any time and enjoy this unique Chanel beauty experience: walk-ins are welcome. The only service that could be booked in advance is a hands-on makeup class available exclusively at Atelier Beauté Soho and Austin, TX locations.

Important! You may redeem the price of your in-person appointments toward a product purchase at Atelier Beauté. If your class comes with a samples kit, look for a promo code that could be applied towards your full-size foundation purchase – but exclusively in-person and only at Atelier Beauté.

Chanel Makeup at Atelier Beauté Soho

In-Person Classes by Atelier Beauté Chanel 

There are various in-person classes offered at Atelier Beauté Chanel Soho. All guided by beauty boutique’s trained makeup and skincare experts, these hands-on workshops are designed to help you explore Chanel’s offerings while mastering your knowledge and skills. 

Makeup Application

$100, 60 min long

This service is designed to elevate your preparation for special occasions. Chanel’s Master Artist will offer you a full-face makeup experience and share their knowledge along the way. At the end of the session, you will see all the products used to create your look, together with artist notes, in your Atelier Beauté profile.

Makeup Lesson

$50 for 45 minutes, $95 for 90 minutes

No experience with Chanel makeup? No problem! This hands-on makeup class will help you to develop your own Chanel beauty routine, from makeup to skincare. At the end of this educational service, you’ll receive a kit with foundation and skincare samples that you can continue testing at home. A summary of recommended products will be added to your Atelier Beauté profile.

Eye Makeup Application Masterclass

$50, 30 min long

As it follows from its name, the focus of this master class is on eye makeup. Guided by Chanel’s Master Artist, you will learn the techniques that work for your eye color.

chanel skincare favorites

Skin Consultation

$35, 30 minutes

Dive deep into your skin’s needs to create a custom skincare regimen that works for your skin type. At the end of a session, you will receive a kit of samples with the products that most stand out to you.

Fragrance Discovery

$95, 45 minutes

Finding your signature perfume is a journey that might take years. Chanel perfume experts will help you to understand better a diverse range of scents to find your fragrance. You can book this service with a group of friends to enjoy together.

Virtual Classes by Atelier Beauté Chanel

Virtual Classes by Atelier Beauté Chanel 

There are also Atelier Beauté lessons that are available virtually. You can’t refund classes that come with a sample kit. You can change your appointment time up to 24 hours for your class for a full refund. Find more information on Atelier Beauté services on the studio’s FAQ page.

Makeup Lesson

$50 for 45 minutes, $95 for 90 minutes

This guided makeup class will teach you the basics of Chanel’s makeup look. Learn the techniques and products and enjoy a samples kit. All products that you testes during the class will be available on your Atelier Beauté profile.

At-home Facial 101

$50, 45 minutes

It’s lovely to go to a salon for a facial but you can practice this self-care ritual in the comfort of your own home. As a part of the class, you will learn the massage techniques and receive a skincare kit with five samples and a headband.

In addition to regular online classes, there is a number of exclusive virtual events happening every month. Typically, Atelier Beauté Chanel invites nationally and internationally pros from the beauty industry to share their experiences and knowledge with studio members and guests.

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Atelier Beauté Chanel, 20.5 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012. Contact: (855)550-3033. Website:

Visiting Atelier Beauté Chanel in Soho