Vendor Spotlight | Sharon with Tiffanys Bridal

Vendor Spotlight | Sharon with Tiffanys Bridal

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We’re taking a dive into the world of Sharon, Owner and Manager of Tiffany’s Bridal! Keep reading as she shares the intricacies of her journey, from starting as the go-to girl for wedding planning to becoming a beloved bridal salon owner. Learn about her cherished moments, unforgettable encounters, and the joys of crafting dreams into reality!

If you care to share, how did you get to where you are now? What drew you to the wedding industry? 
I started by planning and coordinating weddings for friends, and soon people I didn’t know were asking for my help. Then I visited Tiffanys Bridal with my daughter when she was getting married, and they were impressed with my bridal knowledge, offering me a job on the spot. I decided it might be fun to try, so I took the job. I very quickly advanced to manager, and then made the store my own in 2008. I had purchased my bridal gown from Tiffanys, so it had a special place in my heart, and it was like an unexpected dream to become the owner and manager. It was a dream I didn’t know I had until the opportunity was in front of me!

What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry? My favorite thing about working in the wedding industry is all the interesting people I meet with various backgrounds. I’m honored that each and every one is willing to share this special time with us.

What’s a unique tip you tell your couples? Find one special person you can trust to help you make decisions –
someone who knows and understands you and will help you find what’s right for you, not what’s their personal preference. You’ll feel safe asking their opinion if you need one. Then stop – don’t ask anyone else. Too many opinions can make every decision difficult and make you second guess everything. You’ll never finish and if you do go against a negative opinion, you might feel judged.

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What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? Try not to stress over the planning process. Everything will come together and if something doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll be the only one who will know. Your guests will enjoy celebrating you. As far as gowns are concerned, simply wear what makes you happy and feel like your best self.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business? Surround yourself with good people. I love my staff and they make even the most challenging days better by uplifting me and assisting me. They help me stay positive and be successful and help me laugh at the things I can’t change.

What are your favorite wedding trends right now? Detachable sleeves – they give you two looks in one gown. Buttons down the back give you a traditional look that I’ve always thought was so elegant. I’m glad to see Ball Gowns growing in popularity again – I just love them. Lace veils with tinted embroidery are adding a touch of color to bridal ensembles that feels fun but not too over-the-top.

What’s a funny/awesome story from a wedding you’ve worked? One of our brides drove up to the store in a limo with her maid of honor on the day of her wedding. She had decided at the last minute to surprise her mom and get a veil (her mom had really wanted her to get one, but she had refused). When she walked in the door, I noticed some color showing through her satin ball gown. I then realized I was getting glimpses of bright pink and green polka-dot panties! She had selected the undergarment to match her bridesmaids’ gowns but didn’t think about a possible wardrobe snafu. I discreetly discussed the situation with her, and while she tried on veils her maid of honor took the limo to purchase nude-colored panties nearby. She was so grateful that I had saved her from the visible panties, plus she found just the veil to surprise her mom. The limo got her to the church just in time. Her mom loved it and she avoided getting her own, unexpected surprise as she walked down the aisle!

How do you de-stress? I enjoy spending time with my 6 grandchildren. I am blessed to have them all live within a mile of my house so they love to come over and play on my days off.

What is the last book you read, or movie you watched? Where the Crawdads Sing

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What’s a fun or unusual fact about you? I served 18 years on the King William County School Board and two years on the Virginia School Board Association. I think education is the key to a thriving community.

Do you love to travel? If so, what are some must-see destinations or where to next? I’ve been to the largest bridal market in the world near London, England, visited and fell in love with Paris (who wouldn’t!), and I’ve been halfway around the world to see the astounding natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand. I’d got on any of those trips again in a heartbeat.

Anything else you want our followers to know? I love my job and all the brides that enter my life because of it. I feel like my family expands each day I go to work. It’s a small, woman-owned, family business, so I put my heart and soul and lots of sweat
into it.

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