Tips for Stacking Bracelets by Roano Collection

Tips for Stacking Bracelets by Roano Collection

Stacking bracelets is an easy way to add a chic and stylish touch to any outfit. But with so many different styles of bracelets to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect stacked bracelet look:

stacking men bracelets

Mix Textures & Colors

Choose different textures and colors when pairing your bracelets together. For example, try combining rough stone beads with shimmery glass ones; combine metals like gold, silver and copper; or mix leather bands with beaded ones. This will give your stack more visual interest and make it stand out.

Stacking bracelets

Balance Bold & Simple Styles

When stacking bracelets, it’s important to maintain a balance between bold statement pieces and simpler designs. Bravely pair statement bangles or chunky cuffs with minimalistic pieces such as thin chains or delicate charm bracelets.

Stacking bracelets tips

Pay Attention To Scale

Be sure that the sizes of the items in your stack are not too similar or they won’t stand out individually. On the other hand ,if they’re too different in size, one piece may overpower another. Find a good middle ground — don’t make them all equal but also don’t go for extreme contrasts either!

stacking bracelets

The Finishing Touch

Finally, consider adding a watch or charm bracelet to your stack for the finishing touch—this will add an extra special element without making your look too overly complicated.


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