The It Color For Fall

The It Color For Fall

One of the hottest colors for fall this year is RED. Just straight-up apple red. While every fall we see a lot of burgundy as it’s the perfect fall hue. This year is totally different.

It is all about the primary color red. And we are seeing it absolutely everywhere. I am someone who doesn’t wear a ton of primary colors like that. But I am leaning into the red trend after getting this gorgeous M.M.LaFleur sweater. It’s got me excited to try this color out in even more ways.

So let’s dive into the it color fall, all things red. And what to shop, how to style it, and ways to incorporate it into your closet.

The It Color For Fall – All Things Red

Tips For Wearing Red This Fall

Just Choose One Piece

One of the ways to try this trend without overthinking it is to swap out one essential piece. Your skirt, your blouse or sweater, a shoe or accessory. You don’t need to go head to toe red in a monochromatic look.

While monochromatic is 100% a vibe, we are definitely seeing pops of fiery red from a really cool shoe or boot, or bold jacket as a great alternative. This is the easiest way to try this trend out without investing in tons of new tomato red pieces.

Go Monochromatic In All Red

Yes, you can do head to toe red. I love this for a suit or sweater with tailored trousers. Wear neutral accessories to pull this together.

red cable knit sweater with Senreve Cadence bag

Wear With Neutrals

As you can see in today’s look, this is all the essential neutrals with a pop of color. This could work with any of the elements of this outfit. Pairing red with neutrals like creams, tans, and browns allows the red to feel not too harsh.

Pair With Black

While this is an option, it is my least favorite personally. You can definitely wear black and red together, but to me this works best with just an accessory. So wear a head to toe black outfit, and throw on a very cool red bag or shoe.

red sweater, m.m.lafleur blazer, cream trousers

Wear A Red Accessory

I think this is the perfect solution if you’re not a red person, or red washes you out. Not everyone feels their best in such a fiery red color. Instead, just wear a red accessory to try the trend.

This can be a red bag, belt or shoes. Red boots or red ballet flats are the perfect way to lean into this trend.

fall outfits with red

Try Unexpected Color Pairings

When thinking about what colors go with bright red, it’s all about the color wheel trick. Shades that are next to red include pinks and oranges. While this works well for spring and summer, it’s a tad trickier for fall.

But across from red on the color wheel to try for a contrasting hue, are shades of green and blue. A minty green, or soft robin’s egg blue is a great color to mix with red.

I’d skip hunter green or you may look like a bit of a Christmas tree. But a minty green is a great option or a sage green. And when it comes to the blue hues, I’d probably skip cobalt, but lean into classic denim colors, navy, and also lighter soft blues.

Shop My Favorite Red Pieces To Add To Your Closet

Red Sweaters

Pair with your favorite blue denim, cream trousers, brown pants and more. I even love this paired with olive green chinos or trousers. Style with a nude maxi satin skirt, or a pencil skirt for the office.

Red Handbags & Purses

The perfect option to dip your toe into the red trend. Add this to your neutral outfits or all black outfits. And while I think you can do a red belt, I think a simple bag is the way to go.

plaid blazer with a red sweater and cream trousers

Red Pants, Skirts & Dresses

Ready to really lean into this it color for fall? Try red trousers, red satin maxi skirts and of course, red dresses.

red cable knit sweater and cream pants
red crew neck sweater, cream trousers, veja sneakers, m.m.lafleur plaid blazer