‘The Golden Bachelor’: Gerry Turner Reacts to Leslie Fhima Not Accepting His Apology (Exclusive)

‘The Golden Bachelor’: Gerry Turner Reacts to Leslie Fhima Not Accepting His Apology (Exclusive)

Gerry Turner understands his ex’s position. ET’s Denny Directo spoke with The Golden Bachelor‘s leading man the day after the show’s first-ever season finale aired, and Gerry revealed how he reacted to Leslie Fhima not accepting his apology.

The situation occurred on Thursday night’s episode, in which Gerry tearfully ended things with Leslie, clearing the way for his proposal to Theresa Nist. 

During the live portion of the finale, Leslie, who had exchanged I love yous with her ex, confronted Gerry, telling him, “I feel like you painted a picture for me of what our life could look like.”

Gerry explained that, throughout his journey, he gave each woman his “undivided attention,” and, in doing that, got caught up in moments with each person. 

While Leslie didn’t accept Gerry’s apology, she said she understood it. “I wish I could’ve done better,” Gerry told Leslie.

Looking back on that conversation, Gerry told ET that he does “fully understand” why Leslie wasn’t quick to forgive him.

“I mean, she was hurt. I was hurt,” Gerry said. “I had no expectations of what I wanted from Leslie, except that I wanted her to feel better at the end of the conversation than at the beginning.”

“I mean, there’s a need for closure. There’s a need for clarity within that conversation,” he added. “I fully understand where she’s at.”

While the season ended in heartbreak for Leslie, it concluded with love for Theresa, who is gearing up to wed Gerry in a ceremony that will be televised live.

Getting to that happily ever after was no easy feat, though, as Theresa had to watch her soon-to-be husband fall in love with multiple women as the show aired.

“I watched it with my family. I watched with my daughter, her husband, my three grandsons. First of all, you never know what you’re going to see. You know what you experienced, but you don’t know what you’re going to see,” Theresa told ET. “… We had spoken so in depth about what the entire experience was, so I was prepared, although there’s nothing like actually seeing it on TV. Some of it was shocking.”

For Theresa, the most difficult part of watching The Golden Bachelor was seeing Gerry break up with Faith Martin, his second runner-up.

“I balled my eyes out that night. It was very hard. She’s wonderful. We love Faith. Absolutely love her,” Theresa said. “I talk to Faith all the time. Faith and Leslie were actually my best friends in the house. What are the chances? But I love all the women. They were spectacular.”

Now, Theresa and Gerry are focused on happier things, and hope that their love story will be inspirational to people of all ages.

“There’s hope at every single age to find that person that you love,” Theresa said. “I just hope they don’t think that they have to sit home, do nothing, just spend the rest of their lives gardening or knitting. Get out there, and open your heart and be vulnerable.”

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