The Best Tips and Tricks for Memorial Day Shopping

The Best Tips and Tricks for Memorial Day Shopping

Top Tips for Memorial Day Shoppers

Getting the best Memorial Day discounts is all about knowing how to shop. Whether you’re checking out big-box stores or shopping online, here are six tips to help you get the most out of your purchases.

Know When to Start Shopping

Memorial Day is always on a Monday, but that’s not when the sales start. It’s a full holiday shopping weekend, and it will start the Friday before Memorial Day at the latest. Even in-store sales start early. Because Memorial Day is a federal holiday and many people are off work, brick-and-mortar retailers want to create an all-out holiday shopping weekend.

Some sales may start even earlier than Friday. It’s not unheard of for Memorial Day sales to last an entire week, starting the Monday before the holiday. Memorial Day sales are available only for a limited time, but you may be surprised at how early some of them start.

Know How Long the Sales Will Last

You should also know how long the sales will be available after Memorial Day. Plenty of sales don’t actually end on Memorial Day, and may continue into Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday. These sales may be called something like “Post-Memorial Day Sale” or “Memorial Day Sale Week.”

Know the Most Common Sales to Check for on Memorial Day

There are some products that just about everyone knows to check for during Memorial Day. There are plenty of other deals, but the major sales are usually on furniture, home decor, kitchen appliances and bedding. Clothing sales are also quite common, especially for spring clothing. You may also find some sales on summer items, so you can stock up on things you’ll need for the months ahead.

Have a List of Brands to Check Out

Just about every store will have a Memorial Day sale, which means you’ll quickly be overwhelmed if you try to check them all. In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, make a list of the products you’re most interested in, such as entertaining essentials for upcoming parties, kitchen gadgets you’ve been wanting for months or outdoor gear for next winter. Make a list of eight to 10 brands you want to check. That will help reduce stress and allow you to actually look through sale items to find the best discounts.

Keep an Eye Out for Less Common Memorial Day Sales

Everyone will tell you it’s the perfect time to look for mattress sales or get a deep discount on a refrigerator, but it may also be the perfect time to get amazing deals on beauty products or something else interesting. You just need to browse the brands you’re interested in so you can see what sales they’re running.

Use Coupons on Top of Your Purchase

Sale prices by themselves will often be the lowest price on a variety of products, since Memorial Day is one of the biggest sale events of the year. If you can also use a coupon, however, you may be able to stretch your savings even further. Check for a coupon code you can combine with sale (or even non-sale) items to get the best deal every time.