The Best Fall Outfits for Women  • budget FASHIONISTA

The Best Fall Outfits for Women  • budget FASHIONISTA

Let’s talk about fall outfits for women. Over the summer months, your jeans, leggings, and sweaters gradually shift to the back of your closet. As such, now that we’re eyeing the onset of fall, you may need to reacquaint yourself with how to dress for cooler days. 

I know I do. Putting together an appropriate fall ensemble takes more thought than grabbing the shorts and t-shirts that are currently at the top of my clean laundry pile. 

So consider this your re-introduction on what to wear in the fall. Below I’ll share the clothes and colors that work best for the autumn months. I’ll also share nine cute fall outfit ideas to help you transition seamlessly — and stylishly — into the season. 

What to wear in fall 

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To prep for fall fashion, consider taking inventory of the pieces you have on hand. This step prevents you from buying three cardigans when you already have four hibernating in the closet.

In a perfect world, you’ll have these items in your fall wardrobe: 

  • A mix of blue jeans in your favorite cuts (skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans, straight-leg jeans, etc.)
  • A mix of trousers (crop, boot cut)
  • Layering pieces such as a blazer, cardigan, light turtleneck, sweater vest, denim jacket, and long-sleeved tee
  • Sweater dress 
  • Long-sleeved, lightweight tunic (to wear over leggings on lazy days)
  • Oversized button-down shirt or shacket
  • Cozy sweater or two
  • Tights (use tights to keep wearing your summer clothes into fall)
  • Maxi dress 
  • Solid shoes, either ankle booties or chunky loafers — which are trending in 2023 (sadly, your summer sandals will be off-duty 🔜) 
  • A selection of scarves (my favorite transitional piece) 
  • A trench coat or other statement coat
  • Aspirational piece: a suede (or faux) statement tote bag 

I know, it’s a long list — but you may be surprised by how many of these pieces you already own. And of course you don’t “need” all of them. Having more of these pieces just makes it easier to mix and match to create cute fall outfits. 

Colors to wear in fall 

Fall is usually associated with darker, rich hues and plaids. Navies, burgundies, and olives will always be on point after Labor Day. But you don’t have to limit yourself to those. After all, breaking the rules is the easiest way to add pizzazz to your cool-weather wardrobe. You might add to your winter whites collection, for example, with white denim or a white puffer. 

You can also play with the colors that are trending in fall of 2023. Pantone’s AW 2023/2024 palette has some fun options you can wear now — and still wear next spring. Lime green, icy blue-green, cheery yellow, fiery orange, and hot pink are all fair play this season. What a refreshing change of pace for fall, right? 

If you don’t want to double down on a new fall palette, you could bring these colors into your rotation with low-cost accessories. Think scarves, nail or lip color, and earrings. 

Cute fall outfits for women 

Now for some serious outfit inspo: Here are my favorite fall outfit ideas for style and practicality. 

1. Jeans, oversized shirt, trench, and loafers

 If you’re looking for an easy and chic jeans outfit for women, this is a top contender. @lillyandgrant teams a good pair of denim with a button-down, trench coat, and classy handbag. This combo is a masculine-inspired power play that’s simultaneously feminine and not too fussy. 

Also, if you scroll through the other photos in @lillyandgrant’s post, you’ll see it’s basically a master class in how to wear jeans this fall. You could almost define your entire list of go-to, perfect fall outfits just from her post. 

2. Statement pants, trench, and t-shirt 

@tt_styled wore this outfit in the spring, but the idea translates to any season. A bright pant paired with a t-shirt and long coat is both fierce and on point. She adds fun pumps as the anchor, which look great with the longer hemline of the pant. You could easily modify this outfit to include crop trousers and platform loafers instead. 

3. Maxi dress, blazer, and boots 

Do people wear dresses in fall? Yep! @mrsdaisywalker_ shows us how by adding some extra layers without looking like the Michelin man. A patterned maxi dress with a slightly oversized blazer, accessorized with a crossbody (so practical!) and a pair of boots. I love this look, in part because it’s so easy to wear. 

Scroll through the photos on this post and you’ll see other ways to wear the black blazer — it’s a piece you can wear all season long.

4. Denim on denim 

Here’s how you do denim on denim right. @jade.melling wears a spring outfit combo that can easily be copied for fall. Simply layer a t-shirt, denim button-down, and trench with boyfriend fit jeans. Then add your favorite shoes. Voila. You’re ready for anything and everything. 

5. Sweater dress 

@stylinbyalin makes so many wonderful choices here. For one, the monochrome palette looks super sophisticated and reminds us that we don’t always need a statement piece. She also pairs the sweater dress with a coat that has a longer hem, which looks dramatic and amazing. And the boots are simply gorgeous. 

Know that rib knit dresses are super versatile, so you don’t need all these stunning pieces to put together a great outfit for fall and winter. You could easily swap the coat for a long blazer or trench. You could also wear tights and ankle boots or loafers instead of the OTK boots. 

6. Distressed jeans, cardigan, and platform sneakers or loafers 

There are days when you need easy outfits to wear, right? @jesschaska’s post reminds us how stylish the basics can be. It’s hard to go wrong when you team a good pair of jeans with an easy cardigan and thick-soled shoes. This outfit is a classic that transcends fashion trends. 

7. Sweater on sweater

Depending on where you live, fall weather may demand layers — and warm ones at that. Rather than topping everything with a knee-length puffer, considering layering your knits a la @golden_ladies_stylee. Even better, experiment with breaking color rules by pairing beige and gray. That’s so much more fun than wearing matching sets, yes?

Also, take a peek at the other photos in @golden_ladies_stylee. You’ll see more contenders for fall’s go-to outfits list. 

8. Short shacket and cargos 

@modestmira_ wears a black top and cream-colored, wide-legged cargos, with a taupe jacket on top. She’s got relaxed and stylish vibes at once, which is tough thing to pull off. The key is her patterned hair scarf, which works to tie it all together. 

9. Flares and layers

Come fall, you gotta stay warm, right? @sev.3r’s outfit achieves a nice balance of warmth and comfort with minimal effort. Easy-going pants and sneakers topped with two layers of sweaters and a scarf can be a template for so many more outfits. Swap in a cotton turtleneck or button-down for the sweater, for example. Or ditch the cardigan in favor of a blazer, shacket, or cozy shearling coat. 

Your best fall outfits 

And there you have it — nine of the best fall outfit ideas for 2023. No matter what your go-to fall vibe is, from street style to power professional, I hope you can use these ensembles to build a gorgeous wardrobe for the upcoming season.