Sustainable Affordable Friday! – Free Assembly

Sustainable Affordable Friday! – Free Assembly

Hello friends! I can’t believe I’m doing two Affordable Fridays in one week! I normally like to space these out more, but honestly I couldn’t wait a day or second longer for this one because everything is already starting to sell out! I’m not even kidding you this brand, Free Assembly,  just launched their fall collection at Walmart and it’s already selling out like crazy. Everything in this post is by Free Assembly, FYI. It’s a sustainable brand at Walmart that not only has beautiful, high-quality clothes, but they’re sustainable and affordable! So I ended up taking out a bunch of looks from this Affordable Friday post because they were sold out already or almost completely sold out and I’m choosing to show you ONLY the items that still have a good amount of availability, so I hope you guys are able to get something!

Also, I took some of these pictures before I got my extensions out and some after. As you’ll notice in the pictures below. When you see my hair side-by-side like this, do you guys still think it’s better without the extensions? I definitely need a trim.  I honestly love my hair both ways and don’t know if I’m gonna keep them out, but it’s been pretty amazing to see how much my hair has grown. I’m gonna put the link to the deal I have for Nutrafol here because I know a lot of you have been asking if I have a discount for it now that you’ve seen the true results without my extensions in. Instagram is so weird nowadays and I feel like nobody sees my stories anymore, so I wanted to make sure I posted it here as well. Use this link, There is no code, and you can get $50 off your first 3 month supply or $106 off your first 6 month supply. I know it’s an investment, but if you can swing, it definitely do the six months. I’ve taken it every day for the last three years and I am just blown away at how much my hair has grown when I had extensions in. Most people say that extensions ruin their hair and clearly mine is still growing strong!

Such a Versatile Sweater!

I’m gonna start with this crewneck sweater. It’s only $22!!! You might recognize it because I have it in a ton of different colors! It’s just one of my absolute favorite sweaters ever! It’s perfect to throw on with jeans, but then also nice enough to dress up with some dress pants for the office. It comes in a bunch of colors. Every year they restock it in even more colors. I have it in red and green from years prior and from this year’s collection, I got the pink and white. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits great! Sometimes I’m in between a small and a medium, but last year and this year I got a size medium and I think it fits perfectly.


Also my skinny jeans are on sale for $10!!! Grab them QUICK QUICK QUICK!!! They WILL sell out today.

Classy Sweats?! Yes Please!

I also want to show you the off-white version of this crewneck with these super comfy and really cute sweatpants! There’s something about the white tie in the front and the pockets on the side that make the sweat pants feel more classy and expensive looking. Oh my gosh, the lining is the crazy softest material ever! I just think these are the perfect pants to throw on for drop off in the morning at school or for running errands and the cooler weather. These will definitely be a go-to of mine and I think they will be for you guys as well! Oh, and they’re only $24! They’re true to size!


Everyday Look that’s NOT Jeans

One of the most common clothes questions I get is what my favorite white T-shirt is. I think that’s because I wear so many of them. I don’t have a #1 favorite, but I do have a handful that I go to again and again, including this one by Free Assembly that’s only $11! It is ridiculously soft! The cut/fit of it is really flattering and beautiful! This one also tends to sell out and then they restock so get it quick while it’s fully in stock right now. On my end, the white/“claw” color in this top is completely in stock in size XS to XXL.


I’m confused about the stock of these pants because one minute when I check the website it shows they’re fully in stock and then the next minute it shows out of stock. But I just checked again right now and it says fully in stock so I hope that’s truly the case. But get them so fast if you’re able to! They are the perfect everyday pant or running errands pant that are something different to wear other than jeans. And oh my gosh the way these pants are cut, I would think they were custom tailored for my body. I think honestly you guys will get the same feeling. I think that’s because they have this beautiful tailored look in the front but then they have a scrunchy elastic waistband in the back to help it, fit different body sheets. They’re gorgeous and true to size. There’s only one review on the website, but the review basically says exactly what I’m saying which is that the pants are incredible, high-quality, true to size, comfortable, and give a tailored look.

Oh, I’ll also link the slip on shoes I’m wearing with them because they are my new favorites that I plan on wearing all fall.

Super Soft and Cute $32 Jacket

I actually didn’t buy this jacket online because it didn’t look cute to me at all on the model, but I’m kind of mad at myself for thinking that way because if anyone knows that you can’t trust the model pictures, it’s me. Ha! I actually bought this when I was in the store because I just fell in love with it. I love that it’s white, but what I love even more is the neutral trim around it. I love this kind of vibe and always feel like things look more expensive when they’re white with a neutral trim. I just think it’s cozy and cute and something that I will keep hanging next to my door to throw on when I run out for errands. It’s only $32! If you’re in between sizes I would size down on this one just FYI. Unless you plan on wearing a big bulky sweater under it, then get your normal size.


Navy Dresses

I almost didn’t post about Free Assembly this dress because it’s only available in limited sizes right now. But I decided to because I just think it’s really beautiful and well-made and something that so many women would love to wear and feel confident in! The reason I like it so much is because it’s made of almost a denim-like material, so even though it’s flowy, it still has a little bit of structure, which I think is really nice. Plus, it doesn’t show anything underneath. So if you’ve bought dresses like this before, but they clinged to your body in certain areas and you don’t like that, then you’ll LOVE this dress because it doesn’t do that at all! And I love that it’s available in size XS to XXXL. I think only small is sold out right now.


This next navy dress is also sold out in size small, but still available in every other size up to XXL, and I wanted to share it because it’s beautiful, affordable, and reminds me of the perfect dress for a teacher to wear! I know finding clothes options at affordable prices is very important to our amazing teachers, so I wanted to make sure that I shared it. I would say it’s true to size.


Great Staple Sweater

I almost didn’t include this last sweater because I didn’t take of pic of it yet and it’s starting to sell out in the color that I have. However, it is fully in-stock in a really beautiful pink color, so I decided to include it just so you guys can snag it! I clearly love pink and the pink crewneck I’m wearing at the beginning of this post is probably my favorite sweater ever! But if you want something a little thicker, I wanted to give you guys this option as well!


And I don’t have a photo of the blue striped dress form my insta Reel. But it’s linked below!


Okay, well that’s it for me. Like I mentioned, it’s really hard to find things in stock from this brand, Free Assembly, right now because it’s so popular, but I highly recommend just going to Walmart’s site and checking out other things from the brand because I love the quality and sustainability factor. And I think you guys are gonna love it too! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!