Super Cozy Affordable Friday! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

Super Cozy Affordable Friday! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

Welcome to Affordable Friday! I can’t believe I’ve had 3 Affordable Friday’s this month! Normally I have one, two tops, but I just found so many amazing Fall staples this month that I have to share them! Let’s get into it.

Let’s Start Affordable Friday with this AMAZING Sweater

Starting with pictures of me and Molly, for two reasons. One, I just love them. My girl is so silly! This sweater is one of my favorite things in this blog and I think it will be one of your favorite things as well!



It’s a tunic sweater so it’s long and will cover your hips and butt so it’s perfect to wear with leggings! You might even recognize the sweater because I have it in the V-neck version and the crewneck version! Every single time I’ve posted about this sweater in the past for Affordable Friday (I’ve had this for forever and still wear them all the time!! See this blog from 2019!), it’s flown off the shelves, so I know you guys will be just as excited about this style. It’s so cozy and soft and amazing! It fits true to size so get your normal size.



Also posting pictures of just me so you can see the top more clearly. It really is perfect! Wearing it with a three pack of leggings that I got from Walmart for under $20 (for all three pairs!!) and these $24 boots that are an UGG dupe.

Amazing Little Black Dress with Faux Fur

Up Next is my second favorite thing in this blog! This little black dress that is only $15! Yep, you read that right. I literally am beside myself for how amazing this dress is for such a reasonable price! The material really sucks you in and gives you incredible shape. I feel so beautiful and sexy in this dress! And I love the faux fur detail at the top. It comes in sizes XS to XXXL. I’m wearing a size medium and I’m normally in between a medium and a small and the medium fits perfect and snug. I would say, maybe size up for a more relaxed fit. And definitely size up if you’re in between sizes.



This $19 sweater might look similar and that’s because it was in my last Affordable Friday post. But there was SO much good stuff in that weeks post that I decided to re-share it again this week!  I really truly believe that every single person reading this blog right now will fall in love with it! It is the softest, softest, softest material ever and the length is my favorite thing about it! It’s long and the perfect sweater to wear with leggings! Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with the sizing. I got the black in medium and the green in small. Both are pictured below and they both fit me great! So I say, definitely just stick with your normal size and you’ll be golden with this one!



I paired it with black leggings that I got a 3-pack of for $20, these $24 suede boots that are super cozy and then a cross-body bag!

Below you’ll see me wearing the green version! I switched it up a little bit but still wore the same black leggings, but  paired it with these $24 black boots that you might already have because I’ve worn them and talked about them in a dozen Affordable Friday posts!


Sweaters with Skirts

I am absolutely obsessed with wearing sweaters with skirts! I think it’s such an easy way to look put together but it’s totally effortless. This sweater is beautiful with the satin skirt and it’s only $14.98! And I am so so so excited because when I checked yesterday it was completely sold out in the small and in the medium. But, I just checked now and somehow it’s back in stock in every single size! It’s available in sizes XS to 3XL and is true to size. Also, I feel like in the photo on Walmart’s site this sweater looks heavy, but it’s actually really light material which makes it perfect for wearing to nicer events. It just has that elevated cashmere look rather than a heavy cotton.

I paired with the skirt, but the sweater also comes in an emerald green and a really beautiful maroon color. I really think you could mix and match whatever sweater you would want to wear with the skirt. Plus, the skirt also comes in multiple prints and colors so you can mix it up!




Speaking of the skirt, it’s under $15 and has almost 100 reviews!! Check those out because it will give you a sense of how much people love this skirt! I love it because it just fits so nicely but it also has a stretchy waistband in the back so that you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when you sit down. I’m telling you, if you don’t already have a satin skirt, definitely get this one to try it out. I highly recommend pairing with boots and sweaters all season long!

Same Skirt – Different Sweaters

Sticking on the trend of sweaters with skirts! I wanted to show you this beautiful cobalt blue sweater with this black skirt that I love! I’m going to share photos of me wearing the skirt with two different sweaters, depending on whether or not you like a more neutral look, or a pop of color!

The color of the cobalt blue sweater is just so rich and beautiful! I threw it on with this skirt and boots, but you could wear it with really anything. I think it would look really sharp with a pair of black pants and a nice comfy ballet flat to wear to the office or even an event.



In this next look, I wore the same $26 skirt that I love so much but paired it with this taupe sweater that is on sale right now for only $15.50! When I shared it last week, it was on sale for $17!! So the fact that it’s even more affordable now, you should definitely get it if you haven’t already! I love this sweater so much that I had it both in black and in taupe.



And again, just to show the versatility of the skirt I wanted to show you it with a blouse. You can just wear it so many different ways, so it will definitely be a staple that you come back to again and again in your closet!

And speaking of the blouse! I love love love this one because it’s not tight around the armpits so you don’t have to worry about sweating. It’s a beautiful rich jewel toned blue, and only $20! It also has some decent length to it so if that’s important to you, know that as well. I just think it’s a beautiful top that you could wear with so many different things throughout the holidays!


Cozy Look

This faux Sherpa Pullover is a great piece to have in your closet and has really amazing reviews! I’m in between a small a medium, but I got a medium in this cause I wanted it to have a little bit of an oversized fit. I almost feel like to have the ultimate oversized fit, I maybe I could’ve gone up to a large, but it really depends on how you want it to fit. It just a cozy, cute top to throw on when you don’t feel like thinking about what you’re wearing in the winter. I paired it with the affordable leggings that I’ve been talking about for weeks in my blog posts and these $29 boots that I’ve been talking about for years because I’ve had them for years!


Polo Sweater

I’m so disappointed in these pictures cause I feel like they aren’t even close to capturing how amazing this sweater is! It’s only $26 and from Walmart free assembly line which is a sustainable line at Walmart that I love. But I think it even looks like it could be a Ralph Lauren sweater that cost $200. The quality is unbelievable. When I was outside taking pictures of this, my neighbor, Jill from across the street came over to check it out because she loved it so much! She couldn’t believe the quality either! I like it with a dark wash pair of jeans, but I actually think even a darker wash would look better. Even nice navy or white pant would be so chic.


Softest Joggers!

These joggers come in a two pack for only $17 on sale right now! I got both the brown and the black but I totally forgot to take pictures of the black but I did take a video so I’ll try to post them to my stories. I’m linking the ability to buy them both as a two pack and as a single pair. However, the single pair is $12 and then you can get two pairs for $17, so definitely just go for both! But click on the link for the single pair so you can read the reviews. There’s a lot more reviews there than in the two pack and almost 100 reviews of people raving about how amazingly soft and cozy they are! I love them! In these pics, I have on the brown version with a Free Assembly white tee (most colors are out of stock now). I’m wearing a size medium here, but I also got the size small just to compare. I honestly like how they both fit, so I feel like you can’t really go wrong with sizing.


Hair Styling Tool

Then I also really quick just wanna share the hairstyling tool I used in these pictures with the brown pants. Not the other pictures cause I took those on a different day, but I absolutely loved the tool I used and how my hair came out this day, so I wanted to share it. It’s this thing by Conair. You can change the tightness of the curl so I did the very loose curl option and it just gave me a nice wavy bend in my hair and really smooth it out because it was super frizzy before this. It’s a bit of an investment, but I have to recommend because it’s CHANGED the way I do my hair. I absolutely love it.

Also, while I was looking for the link for this tool on Walmart site, I also noticed that the curling iron that I own by Conair is on sale for only $13. I love this curling iron. So I just thought I’d leave it. It has over 550 reviews, so check those out.

Spring or Warmer Climate Dress

Last but not least, you also might recognize this $16 dress! Another one from last week that I didn’t get to highlight in my post or stories so I am sharing here again! This is definitely more for people who live in the warmer climates. Or if you live in the cooler climates, you could totally snag this and tuck it away for springtime because it’s on sale for $16! It runs big so make sure to size down in this one. I got my normal size small and I have a ton of room. If I were to re-order it, I would get the XS, so it definitely runs big! But I love the cut of this dress and I love the fluttery sleeves. It’s so beautiful and I cannot believe it’s $16.


Happy Affordable Friday!

Okay, that’s it for me. This is definitely my last Affordable Friday for the month. Ha! But I hope you guys have enjoyed them and found some amazing pieces for your wardrobe! I enjoy doing these so much and it means so much to me that you guys are enjoying them too! Have something you want to see in a December Affordable Friday post? Let me know below and I will try to find it for you!