Staff Picks for Summer – Beth Millner Jewelry

Staff Picks for Summer – Beth Millner Jewelry

New season, new jewelry picks! From leafy fern earrings to wavy beach pendants, check out what our staff suggests for wearing all summer long. 


Beth’s Picks

Fern Frond Earrings & Reversible Sailing Black Rocks Cove Agate Wonderland Pendant

“I picked these because I love the curve and shape of the fern earrings. They are graceful and can be worn easily with any outfit! And I picked the wave pendant because it is inspired by swimming and hiking at Black Rocks, and I love that it is reversible with cute sailboats out in the water on the back.”


Nina’s Picks

Red Fox Under a Silver Moon Pendant & Fond Fern Ring

“This summer, I’m really enjoying the new Fox and Fern collection; there is something so magical about it. I chose the Red Fox Under a Silver Moon Pendant and the Fond Fern Ring. I love that the copper on the fox paired with the dark patina on its paws mimics the real animal’s coloring, and the foggy haze in the background feels very mystical. The fern ring reminds me of a fairy tale and I love the movement of the ferns swirling towards each other.”


Jane’s Picks 

Heritage Trail Reversible Fox Pendant & Sunflower Ring

“For summer, I picked the Heritage Trail Fox Pendant, which was based on the design that I created for our staff jewelry contest. It was so fun to watch it come to life! I love foxes, and summer is always the time of year when I’m lucky enough to see them. I also picked the Sunflower Ring because they are my favorite flower. When I was growing up, my mom would often have bouquets of them on the counter in the summer, which makes them extra special for me.


Alex’s Picks

Moonstone Drop Pendant & Sparkling Fond Fern Ring

“I am in love with both of these pieces. I chose a Moonstone Drop because it’s my birthstone, but also because the shape is so unique! It also flashes a rainbow of colors beautifully in the right light. I chose the Sparkling Fond Fern Ring because, much like Nina, I really enjoy the movement of the ferns, but I also love a good sparkle!”


Brooke’s Picks

Fern Frond Pendant & Dragonfly Ring

“I chose the Fern Frond Pendant and the Dragonfly Double Band as my pieces for the summer. The dragonfly reminds me of my grandma who loves them and the fern is one of my favorite plants. I love watching the ferns by my house grow from fronds to big beautiful leaves so this pendant reminds me of that.”


Randi’s Picks

Lake Superior Post Earrings & Superior Gales Earrings

“My favorite way to spend the summer in Michigan is on the beaches of Lake Superior which is why I chose this lake-inspired earring combo! The Lake Superior Post Earrings are tiny and delicate, making them perfect for a cartilage piercing. And the wavy Superior Gales Earrings are the best complement.”


Ayanna’s Picks

Wild Blueberry Harvest Michigan Greenstone Necklace & Longido Ruby Teardrop Earrings

“For summer, I had to go with the Wild Blueberry Harvest Michigan Greenstone Necklace and the Longido Ruby Teardrop Earrings. My favorite part of summertime is gathering, so to have two pieces in-store that are reminiscent of foraging for wild blueberries and ruby-red raspberries in the peak of summer tickles me! Not to mention, the way both pieces sparkle ever so-slightly in the sun reminds me of morning dew on a fresh, undiscovered patch of fruit.”


Jenny’s Picks

Lake Superior Agate Ring & Mini Waves of Superior Reversible Pendant

“These two pieces are currently my favorite for the Summer. The Lake Superior Agate Ring goes perfectly with my carnelian ring I got from a gift shop in my hometown of Ontonagon, MI. I also love the Mini Waves of Superior Reversible Pendant because I grew up right next to Lake Superior so it reminds me of home and I love that it acts as two necklaces in one!”