Sharing What I Eat in a Day And Exercise Routine

Sharing What I Eat in a Day And Exercise Routine

Several of you explained you want to see more wellness recommendations on my web site in 2023, so thought I would share a lot more details on my foods and workout regime. This is the foundational food plan and work out routine that works very best for me and my physique. Anyone is distinctive, so you can generally use this for inspiration to create your individual meal plan and workout program!

As an alternative of breaking down each and every working day with what I consume, I thought it would be more handy to share a wide range of foods I like to have for breakfast, lunch, and evening meal.


Post-training smoothie (have this each individual morning in the course of the 7 days!)

Espresso with creamer

Weekends I commonly have scrambled eggs and toast with youngsters or French toast with berries.


Kale and quinoa bowl with peppers, tomatoes, goat cheese, lean protein and lemon olive oil dressing.

Tuna Salad with greek yogurt, cilantro, crimson onion, garlic powder with a sliced cumber or reduced carb wrap.

Cauliflower rice with 2 eggs and siracha sauce.

White chicken chili with greek yogurt and sliced avocado.

Salad with lean protein and starch like sweet potatoes or quinoa. (I adore The Mixx salads if you are local – I get the Rocket Salad)

(I also have a sweet tooth at the conclude of meals and have some sort of sweet. Recently, I have been beautiful Catalina Crunch cookies – so delish and lower carb/reduced sugar.


I ordinarily have a sweet tooth soon immediately after eating and really like Catalina Crunch cereal or cookies- they are reduced carb, significant protein and small sugar AND flavor remarkable.


Loaded sweet potato bar with loads of veggies and floor turkey.

Grilled or air fried salmon with broccolini, sweet potatoes, salad and wine.

Bunless burger, green goddess salad and corn on the cob.

Grilled steak, roasted environmentally friendly beans, mashed potatoes.

Air fried fish (cod) tacos, prime with cabbage slaw. Chips, salsa, guac.

(I also have a sweet tooth at the finish of meals and have some sort of sweet. Currently, I have been beautiful Catalina Crunch cookies – so delish and minimal carb/reduced sugar.

Training Schedule

I try to work out just about every weekday morning before my loved ones wakes up, and just take rest on the weekends. Each individual working day is various and I do not follow a rigid program, but I like to do a mix of cardio and fat lifting. Right here is an case in point of my weekly agenda:

Monday: Cardio course (45 mins)

Tuesday: Upper & lessen body excess weight lifting (60 minutes)

Wednesday: Stomach muscles, upper & decrease Again (30 mins)

Thursday: Total physique pounds lifting: ab muscles, quads, triceps, biceps, chest (50 minutes)

Friday: Cardio class (45 minutes)