Personalized Photo Projection Jewelry by Perimade / The Beading Gem

Personalized Photo Projection Jewelry by Perimade / The Beading Gem

Personalised jewelry is always popular. The range is wide. The designs could include names, dates, have gemstones or crystals in birthstone colors and so forth.  One type which you may not have encountered before is photo projection jewelry.  

Think about projection slides and that’s what the photo customization involves. The charms contain both miniature photo “slides” and a small lens. The photo can be viewed by holding the charm up close to the eye. Or a smartphone camera can be used to view it directly or to shine its light so the image can be projected onto a surface. 

Photo projection jewelry is in some ways a modern version of having a locket where the image can be viewed in private. 

Chicago based designer Ava of Perimade offers a wide variety of photo projection jewelry from dainty rings to pendants. The personalization can be in the form of just photos or text or a combination of both. 

Lovely dainty pieces in precious metals although Ava also offers more cost effective macrame and cord versions. 

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