Peach Fuzz Beads and Other Jewelry Supplies

Peach Fuzz Beads and Other Jewelry Supplies

Sparkling Peach Crystals

These gorgeous Swarovski bicones perfectly capture the delicate light peach color of the Pantone Peach Fuzz color. Choose your size (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm) and quantity—and be sure to stock up so you have extra for when inspiration strikes! These incredibly brilliant and sparkly crystals will add so much elegance to your projects. You could pair them with rose gold chain maille for a beautifully warm-toned project.

Glass flower beads have been popular for a long time, so add peach blossoms to your next project for a classic, yet trendy look! These Baby Bell Flower beads, from Eureka Crystal Beads, are from the Czech Republic. The delicate beads come is strands of 50 pressed glass bell flowers, so there are plenty to play with. The bead’s holes are vertical, so they can work in a variety of beaded projects, including dangly earrings. For an extra peachy look, add glass leaves. 

Pretty Peach Pearls

Pearls always catch the eye, and peach pearls have that extra special something—a bit of vintage flair, and something a little unique. These gorgeous 7-8mm freshwater pearls from Lima Beads are naturally irregular, and so beautiful. Use them to make a simple strand, possibly adorned with a bit of black velvet ribbon or some other special component to lean into the vintage look without distracting from the pearls.

If you are not the biggest fan of peach beads or stones, perhaps a metal is up your alley. Copper chains are some of my favorites. They have a peachy hue and add subtle warmth to a jewelry piece. The Peach Metallic Chain, from MyELEMENTS on Etsy, is made with 20 gauge copper wire. The chain comes in three feet lengths, but longer chains can be requested. The chain is poly coated, so it will last and stay beautiful as time goes by—no worries about tarnishing! 

You can never have too many seed beads, so why not add the perfect shade of peach to your seed bead collection? Ming Tree’s Opaque Ceylon Peach seed beads are distributed by Fire Mountain Gems and come in a ¼ pound package, ensuring that you’ll have beads for many projects. The beads are approximately 11/0, though sizes may vary slightly. Stitch up a daisy chain or bead a peach pendant for a springtime project. 

Opals are some of my favorite stones. I love the way they flash with a rainbow of colors. For something that leans into peachier tones, UrbanEnV has Peach Melon Cabochons that are made of resin. The cabochons have an opalescent flair with a consistent peach hue. These flatback cabochons come in groups of 10, all measuring 8mm. Create a pair of earrings for a beautiful project!

Cameo jewelry has been around for hundreds of years. It’s no wonder that this classic jewelry component is still popular. Authentic cameo pieces tend to be more delicate and more expensive, so for those who are looking into making these iconic pieces affordably, this synthetic Butterfly Cameo Cabochon, from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a great alternative. This cabochon measures about 18x12mm.

Fun in the Sunstone

Sunstone, a type of feldspar, comes in a natural gradient of beautiful peach colors, giving off a bright and sunny glow! Intrinsic Trading has a wonderful variety of sunstone beads, but I particularly love these faceted 5mm rondelle beads. Use them in a simple stringing project to let their natural beauty shine.

Peach Moonstone

How cute would this 11 carat moonstone Man in the Moon cabochon be in a ring or pendant? A very similar cabochon was used in the Sterling and Jessite Cuff by John F. Heusler, if you need some inspiration! CraftworldGifts on Etsy can make you this cabochon in any shape or size you want, per request.

For some, working with lighter hues such as pastels can feel challenging, depending on the mood of the piece. Perhaps it will seem too light, or wash out your complexion. If this is the case, try combining the light peach with a deep purple or forest green for a moodier piece, or with neutrals for a modern look.

Whether you’re incorporating peachy hues as accents to a beaded project or jewelry piece, or making them the star of the show, Peach Fuzz is a color worth trying! Start collecting glass beads, or natural stones like peach moonstone or laguna agate to create a striking pair of earrings. The possibilities are endless!

We hope you enjoy creating with Pantone’s Color of the Year! 

Do you have a favorite peach bead or jewelry component we missed? Share in the comments!

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