Outspoken Beauty X Avon – Far Away Beyond The Moon

Outspoken Beauty X Avon – Far Away Beyond The Moon

*This episode is in partnership with Avon *

I have been so excited for you to hear this episode.

Many of you know Avon for skincare and makeup but did you know that their story started with fragrance and amazing fragrance at that?

During this evocative episode, Suzy Nightingale and I are exploring Avon’s incredible history with fragrance. We chat about how their entire story started with irresistible scents, the fact that they have worked with some of the world’s most renowned perfumers and we then take you on a beautiful journey as we talk through how their brand new perfume Far Away Beyond The Moon makes us feel. Prepare for a journey of the senses as we re-create our personal experiences of the scent with music and story telling as well as talking you through the stunning ingredients including a rare flower that only blooms at night.

Later on I chat to the brilliant Victor Costa who is the Global Head of Fragrance at Avon and the man who helps take their perfumes from creative ideas where anything is possible to fragrant realities.

Finally it’s time to talk to some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have been sampling Far Away Beyond The Moon and give their honest reviews.

As ever Avon have achieved something utterly brilliant at an accessible price point and it makes me so happy. I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of Avon fragrance as much as I have.