Optimize any outfit by thrifting for vintage accessories

Optimize any outfit by thrifting for vintage accessories

You can upgrade any basics with the right vintage accessories. In this episode of ITK: Thrift Talk, our host and thrifting expert, Siena Filippi (@simply.siena), demonstrates how she takes a shopping spree and thrifts for secondhand accessories.

“Accessories are great because you can wear the same outfit — like, I could wear a jean skirt and a white skirt every day and change up the accessories, and the entire outfit is going to look different,” Siena says.

Shopping at The Thrifty Hog in New York City, Siena is on the lookout for vintage accessories that can make a statement. She describes her outfit of a denim skirt and white tee as “cute but boring” and wants to give it some life with what she describes as “accessory CPR.”

Siena starts her shopping spree by taking a quick look at every category of vintage accessories — sunglasses, brooches, necklaces, shoes, hats — to see what her options are. As she starts pulling out pieces she likes, she compares them to the next accessory to make sure they’ll match each other.

After selecting two pendant necklaces and a pair of cowboy boots, Siena heads to the belt section. “I’ve been going through a belt phase, so I just want one,” she explains.

“I think accessories add new life to stuff that you already had in your wardrobe, making your wardrobe already more sustainable and also giving the accessories here a new life,” Siena says.

Siena’s belt of choice is embellished with gold-tone hardware, which she notes makes the piece look like jewelry and matches the theme of the vintage accessories already selected. Now equipped with three categories of pieces — necklaces, boots and a belt — Siena is ready to select a handbag. She picks a monogrammed shoulder bag with a brown leather trim that matches the warm notes in the boots and necklaces.

“I really came in here with a plain white T-shirt and a jean skirt, and I’m leaving like a 2000s cowgirl, so I really do feel like I made a statement,” Siena says. “This outfit has officially been upgraded.”

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