Newest to Oldest in 2023

Newest to Oldest in 2023

Starting its journey in 1965, Princess Cruises has grown to become a major player in the cruise industry with a fleet of 15 ships. Over the years, they’ve introduced vessels that cater to different tastes and preferences. The newer ships offer state-of-the-art amenities, reflecting the latest in cruise innovations. These are ideal if you want all the comfort and the latest tech. On the other hand, ships like the Grand Princess, sailing for over two decades, carry with them a rich history and tales of countless voyages.

The age of a ship can dictate its onboard features, dining venues, and even the attractions you’ll see. That’s why it’s important to consider the age of your ship for your next cruise vacation. In this guide, we rank Princess ships by age, helping you understand the evolution of their fleet and what each ship uniquely brings to the table.

Princess Cruises Ships by Age

Princess Cruises typically introduces a new ship every two to three years. On average, each vessel serves for about 20 to 30 years before it’s retired. Here’s a table that ranks the Princess Cruise ships by age from from newest to oldest:

Name Class Maiden Voyage Passenger Capacity
(Double Occupancy)
Tonnage (Gross Tons)
Star Princess* Sphere Class Due in 2025 4300 175,500
Sun Princess* Sphere Class Due in 2024 4300 175,500
Discovery Princess Royal Class 2022 3,660 145,000
Enchanted Princess Royal Class 2020 3,660 144,650
Sky Princess Royal Class 2019 3,660 144,650
Majestic Princess Royal Class 2017 3,560 143,700
Regal Princess Royal Class 2014 3,560 142,229
Royal Princess Royal Class 2013 3,560 142,229
Ruby Princess Grand Class 2008 3,080 113,561
Emerald Princess Grand Class 2007 3,080 113,561
Crown Princess Grand Class 2006 3,080 113,561
Caribbean Princess Grand Class 2004 3,149 112,894
Diamond Princess Grand Class 2004 2,670 115,875
Sapphire Princess Grand Class 2004 2,670 115,875
Island Princess Coral Class 2003 2,200 92,822
Coral Princess Coral Class 2003 2,000 91,627
Grand Princess Grand Class 1998 2,600 107,517

* Upcoming Launch

Terms used in the table:

  • Passenger Capacity at Double Occupancy: This refers to the number of passengers a ship can accommodate when two people share each cabin. The actual maximum capacity can be higher when more than two people occupy cabins designed for additional guests.
  • Gross Tonnage: This measures a ship’s overall internal volume. One gross ton equals 100 cubic feet. It reflects the ship’s size, including areas like cabins, dining, entertainment, machinery, and storage.

Newest Princess Cruises Ship

The Sun Princess is the latest addition to the Princess Cruises fleet, scheduled to set sail in February 2024. As the inaugural ship of the Sphere-class, it’s designed to accommodate over 4,300 passengers, making it one of the larger vessels in their lineup.

The ship has a majority of cabins with balconies, which means you’ll have beautiful views of the seas. For dining, the Signature Collection introduces the Signature Restaurant, a premium dining venue offering gourmet dishes crafted by renowned chefs, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. When it comes to entertainment, the Park19 offers a range of activities, including the Sea Breeze, the first-ever roll-glider at sea. Additionally, the ship is powered by liquefied natural gas, which is a cleaner fuel alternative. We’re happy to see that the cruise line is taking steps towards a greener future.

Another Upcoming Princess Cruises Ship:

The Star Princess is another upcoming ship set to join the Princess Cruises fleet in 2025. This ship, the third to carry the “Star Princess” name, can hold over 4,300 passengers. With a tonnage of 175,500 and a length of 1,133 feet, the Star Princess is among the larger ships in the Princess lineup.

With over 1,500 balconies, you’ll likely have a sea view right from your room. It’s the sister ship to the Sun Princess, and it also features the Signature Restaurant. For fun, you can head to The Piazza, The Dome, or the Princess Arena. Plus, it will also run on Liquefied Natural Gas.

Newest Princess Ship That’s Currently Sailing

The “Discovery Princess” is currently the newest ship from Princess Cruises that’s sailing the seas. While it was initially planned to launch in November 2021, its maiden voyage took place on March 27, 2022, departing from Los Angeles.

Discovery Princess

It’s designed to accommodate 3,660 passengers. Like other Princess ships, it’s also equipped with the signature MedallionClass technology. This tech offers cruisers touchless experiences, such as contactless payments, and even food and beverage delivery anywhere on the ship.

Oldest Princess Cruises Ship

The Grand Princess is the oldest Princess Cruises ship, and it has been sailing with Princess Cruises since 1998. It can accommodate 2,600 passengers. In March 2019, the ship went through a renovation, adding new dining spots on the top deck like Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Salty Dog Grill. The Princess Theater also got an upgrade for a better audio experience.

Grand Princess

Onboard, you have a variety of dining choices, from the main dining room to specialty places and quick bites. In the evenings, there are several lounges to relax and have a drink. The Grand Princess offers the Discovery at SEA program, which gives educational experiences to passengers. With a nearly 2-to-1 guest-to-crew ratio, the service on the Grand Princess is often described as attentive and friendly. The ship sails to various destinations, including Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, the California coast, and the South Pacific.

What is the Biggest Princess Cruises Ship?

The biggest Princess ship currently sailing is the Discovery Princess. But this title will soon be taken by the Sun Princess, set to launch in 2024, becoming the largest ship in the fleet. This upcoming Sphere class vessel is designed to accommodate over 4,300 passengers.

What is the Smallest Princess Cruises Ship?

The Coral Princess is the smallest and one of the best ships in the Princess Cruises fleet. With a passenger capacity of around 2,000 guests, it offers a more intimate cruising experience compared to the larger vessels.

Despite its smaller size, Coral Princess doesn’t skimp on amenities and features. It offers multiple dining options, entertainment venues, and recreational activities. The ship’s design emphasizes spacious decks and balcony staterooms, ensuring guests have ample space to relax and enjoy the views.

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Difference Between Old and New Princess Ships

It’s important to understand that newer ships aren’t necessarily better. It’s all a matter of personal preference, but here are some key differences:

Size and Structure

The newer Princess Cruises ships, especially those from the Sphere-class, are generally larger in terms of physical dimensions. This increased size allows for more expansive public areas, larger entertainment venues, and more spacious deck areas. In contrast, the older ships in the fleet, while smaller, often provide a more intimate setting, with cozier lounges and public spaces.

Passenger Capacity

With the increase in physical size, the newer ships naturally accommodate a larger number of passengers. For instance, the upcoming Sun Princess is designed to house over 4,300 guests. On the other hand, older vessels like the Coral Princess cater to a smaller crowd, with a capacity of around 2,000 guests. This difference in capacity can influence the overall ambiance onboard, with larger ships feeling more bustling and vibrant, while smaller ships offer a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Decor and Ambiance

The older Princess ships often showcase a traditional American-style decor, characterized by dark woods, classic artworks, and warm-toned fabrics. It’s reminiscent of the classic era of cruising. In contrast, the newer ships lean towards a contemporary design, featuring neutral color palettes, modern art installations, and minimalist furnishings.

Dining and Entertainment

Across the Princess fleet, the dining and entertainment options remain relatively consistent in terms of quality. However, while older ships maintain classic dining rooms and entertainment venues that have been favorites for years, newer ships might introduce a few modern twists or specialty dining venues. It’s worth noting that, unlike some other cruise lines, Princess Cruises doesn’t drastically change its onboard offerings based on the ship’s age.

Technology and Sustainability

One area where newer ships often have an edge is in the realm of technology and sustainability. For example, ships like the Sun Princess are equipped with advanced environmental technologies, such as being powered by liquefied natural gas. While older ships might not have been built with these features, many receive upgrades during refurbishments to incorporate more sustainable practices and modern guest conveniences.


Whether you’re drawn to the modern amenities of the newer vessels or the classic charm of the older ones, each Princess ship promises a memorable experience. It’s essential to consider factors like size, decor, and onboard facilities when choosing your next cruise. Ultimately, regardless of the ship’s age, Princess Cruises consistently delivers quality on the high seas.