New Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette Review And Swatches

New Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette Review And Swatches

When I saw pictures of the Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette, I wasn’t sure it would look good on me. Afterall these were shades I don’t normally use. Let me just say it “I’m afraid of color.” And this eyeshadow palette has yellows, teal and some gold and green shades as well. That being said, I’m also trying to go out of my comfort zone and add more color to my looks. So I went ahead and purchased it.


The Sephora website says that this is “A set of 15 new fiery shades in an exquisite palette that synergistically merges Natasha’s three daring formulas of sparkling foiled, matte, and metallic.”


Packaging Of The Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadows come in a nice sized mirrored compact. The size is similar to her other midi palettes. The outer packaging is colorful and has shades of yellow and brown.

Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette

Formula Of The Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette

The Sephora website says “Becoming immersed in the tropical paradise surrounding her, Natasha has created a new trend of eyeshadow with statement-making, hand-designed original shades and formulas. From the revolutionary sparkling foiled, first introduced in the Love Face Palette to the creamy-textured mattes and the ultra-shiny metallics, these buttery smooth shades provide maximum color payoff, blending seamlessly to produce vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting looks. The rich pressed shaded shadows leave the skin with an optimum texture and comfortable all-day wear for any skin type and tone.”

These eyeshadows are free of mineral oil. They are also cruelty free.


Shades Of The Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette

  • Plantasia 478SF (sparkling foiled green & bronzy rosewood duo)
  • Calathea 497CP (matte medium dark olive green)
  • Komorebi 480SF (sparkling foiled mustard gold)
  • Acacia 481CM (matte golden olive)
  • Camu Camu 482CM (matte vibrant lime)
  • Tipu 483CM (matte dusty mustard green)
  • Elysian 484SF (sparkling foiled medium taupe)
  • Valley 485CM (matte dusty mustard brown)
  • Citrine 486CM (matte medium mustard citrine)
  • Ray 487M (metallic green gold)
  • Flax 488CM (matte dark brown)
  • Fushi 489CP (matte light medium mustard yellow)
  • Makia 490SF (sparkling foiled medium golden olive)
  • Ixia 491CM (matte burnt caramel)
  • Willow 492CM (matte medium dark teal green)

My Experience

The Natasha Denona Yucca Palette has a lot of yellow, green eyeshadow shades. Shades that I do not wear on a daily basis. Being a neutral eyeshadow lover, I am always intimidated when ever I see a colorful eyeshadow palette. But the color story of the Yucca Palette is very unique. I do not have anything in my collection that matches the Yucca Palette color story.

The colors are vibrant in the pan and also on the lid. The shimmer shades have some fall out. But if you tap your brush and then use it on your lid, the fall out will be minimal. The matte shades are creamy and blendable. On my pigmented eyelids, some shades look the same.

Swatches Of The Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette

What I love about this palette is that even though it is colorful, you can sheer out the shades or go bold with it. So even someone who is afraid of color can enjoy this beautiful color story.



  • Beautiful color story
  • Some neutral shades and bold vibrant shades
  • Lasts for 8+ hours on my lids


  • Some shades look similar on my eye lids

Where To Buy

Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette – $69
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