Modish Ways To Rock This Haircut

Modish Ways To Rock This Haircut


he old-money aesthetic has proven to be a solid contender for the top trends of the year. In the beauty department, a handful of hairstyles have stood out as the best way to embody the aesthetic, one of which is the timeless bob. This hairstyle has been around for a pretty long time and still has a refined appeal. Little wonder why style stars are flocking to it to channel their inner retro Hollywood diva.

From the girl next door to top influencers, everyone’s having a go at this classic hairdo, and thanks to the cyclic nature of beauty, the newest interpretations come with an exciting appeal. For instance, for those into Hollywood curls, marcel and finger waves have proven to be a solid choice. Meanwhile, straight-hair girls are making a show with layered ends or slightly angled cuts to create a polished appearance. With numerous styling options and occasion-appropriate variations, this holiday hairstyle isn’t about to faze out anytime soon.

Here’s how to rock the old-money bob hair trend this season…

#1. Blondie cuts

The clean aesthetic favors a good Hollywood wave paired with bold lipstick. This cut includes varying shades of blonde that cater to any color preference and skin tone, little wonder why celebs like Kim Kardashian have this chic haircut on speed dial.

#2. Whimsical shags

Messy but coordinated. That’s the way to describe the shag cut when styled right. It is an effortless and low-maintenance hairstyle that offers different styling possibilities, from subtle to dramatic. A great thing about this cut is the freedom it provides to showcase textures boldly. To maintain your preferred length, routine trims are uncompromisable.

#3. Flirty bangs

The old-money bob hair trend with bangs sets the tone for that extra flair. This face-framing haircut flatters most face shapes, but it’s especially great for girls with square and diamond shapes. Consider the big bouncy 70s frame for a quick fix on a bad hair day. Use a lightweight hairspray to tame those curls and head out like a superstar.

#4. Sassy wolf cut

As the name implies, there’s nothing tame about a wolf cut. An exciting blend of shag and mullet haircuts from the 70s and 80s, this hairstyle adds character to your old-money bob hair adventures.

#5. Classic middle part

This is the most common bob haircut characterized by its distinct center part with ends flipped in. It’s a 90s favorite, and like everything nostalgic, they pique this generation’s interest. Plus, it’s easy to pull off and tweak to fit your personality — from a voluminous body to sleek riffs for a glammed-up mane.

Check out more old-money bob hair options to try without fail…

Featured image: Martine Syms for Homme Girl via @traceeellisross/Instagram 

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