Meet Amar Mandal, a Talented Data Scientist & the Employee of the Year

Meet Amar Mandal, a Talented Data Scientist & the Employee of the Year

Meet Amar Mandal, a skilled data scientist at Intelligence Node, where he blends analytical expertise with retail innovation. Amar plays a crucial role at Intelligence Node, harnessing his expertise to empower retailers with actionable strategies that drive market success in real-time. His passion for data science and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to the Intelligence Node team.

What first attracted you to Intelligence Node? What has kept you here?

Intelligence Node initially drew me in with its promise of innovation and cutting-edge solutions. The company’s culture of collaboration and its commitment to employee growth were the perfect match for my ambitions. But what truly sealed the deal was the rare opportunity to work on hands-on, large scale projects that impact the world of digital retail.

And what’s kept me here? Without a doubt, the endless rollercoaster ride of challenges, learning, and growth. I’m constantly being pushed to my limits, but I’m also being supported by a team of brilliant minds who make the journey all the more enjoyable. It’s like having a built-in support group and a constant stream of intellectual stimulation – what more could I ask for?

Please describe the nature of your role in short and how it has changed/developed over the years.

As a data scientist at Intelligence Node, I’m like a data detective, sifting through mountains of information to uncover hidden patterns and insights. My role has evolved over the years, adapting to changes in the market, keeping pace with tech developments, and sharpening my own abilities with every project. I’ve tackled projects ranging from developing new machine learning algorithms to building data pipelines, all while mentoring and training aspiring data scientists. It’s like playing a starring role in the field, and being celebrated for my hard-earned skills and accomplishments every day.

As the winner of two of the most coveted annual company awards, please elaborate on your contribution to the new innovations at INode.

I am honored to have been recognized with two of the most coveted annual company awards. I believe that my best contributions to new innovations at Intelligence Node include:

1. Integrating LLMs into internal search platforms to improve search accuracy and relevance.

2. Developing INode Assistance, a virtual assistant that can answer queries asked by clients.

3. Recommending attributes based on rules defined by Kroger clients.

4. Increasing matching accuracy by 30% using ViT and OpenAI models.

How has your career trajectory been since you joined Intelligence Node?

My career trajectory at Intelligence Node has been like a rocket launch, soaring to new heights with each passing year. I’ve had the privilege of working on challenging and meaningful projects that have propelled my growth as a data scientist. Promotions have come my way, and I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and train others, passing on my knowledge and evolving my own skills every year. It has been a continuous learning expedition, where the journey is always getting more challenging and exciting.

How does Intelligence Node make you feel valued? or What about INode’s company culture do you like most?

Intelligence Node makes me feel valued and recognized for my abilities- they nurture my talents, encourage me to take risks, and provide me with the resources I need to succeed. Working here is like having a personal cheerleader who believes in me even when I doubt myself. The company culture encourages camaraderie, where collaboration and innovation are the lifeblood of every project. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a band of data-driven adventurers, working hard to achieve new heights every year.

Could you share one piece of advice for a new INodian?

For a new INodian, my advice is this: embrace the challenges, be a sponge for knowledge, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Intelligence Node is a place where curiosity is rewarded and innovation is celebrated. So, dive in headfirst, explore every corner, and let your data science superpowers shine!

Could you share some of your most memorable moments at Intelligence Node?

The time I tried to implement a new machine learning algorithm without thoroughly testing it.

My manager and team members kindly pointed out the flaws in my approach, and we worked together to develop a more rigorous testing plan. I learned the importance of careful planning and testing, and I’m grateful for their patience and guidance.

The time I presented my findings to a group of clients without fully understanding their needs.

The clients’ feedback was not what I had hoped for, but it was valuable nonetheless. I learned the importance of tailoring my presentations to a specific audience, and I’m grateful for their honest feedback.

The time I made a critical error in a data analysis that could have had serious consequences.

My manager and team members helped me to identify and correct the error, and we implemented new procedures to prevent such mistakes from happening again. I learned the importance of double-checking my work and following established protocols.

I’m grateful for these experiences, as they have helped me to become a better data scientist. I’ve learned that failure is a part of the learning process and that it’s important to have a supportive team that can help you to bounce back. As my manager often says, “It’s not about always winning; it’s about learning from your mistakes and never giving up.”