Make Two Strand Bead Fringe Component for Earrings

Make Two Strand Bead Fringe Component for Earrings

Producing this little bead fringe part is a very good way to experiment with fringe length and patterns, and also a fantastic way to incorporate bead fringe to various kinds of earrings.

Make Two Strand Bead Fringe Component for Earrings

When I think of bead fringe earrings, I are inclined to consider of brick stitch beaded triangles with fringe dangling from the foundation row. I adore these styles of earrings but I desired to experiment with fringe length without obtaining to make a large amount of distinctive pairs of earrings. My resolution is this fringe part that can be extra to a vast variety of jewellery kinds.

Rabbit ceramic bead on thin wire hoop earring with bead fringe

 I begun operating on this idea a couple weeks ago when I was building these rabbit themed earrings for the lunar New 12 months. I arrived up with a quick bead fringe (or it’s possible it truly is a tassel) with a loop at the top so it can be threaded onto a wire loop or earring acquiring.

polymer clay button earring and bead fringe component

About the similar time I was making the rabbit allure earrings, I obtained an assortment of polymer clay beads that are drilled via the centre like button. 

Polymer clay button beads by Eriko Page

I’m really smitten with these polymer clay beads nevertheless. I splurged on a good measurement package of bouquets and leaves at a modern bead clearly show, so I’m guaranteed you will see much more projects with them in the long term. The artist is Eriko Site and you can obtain her on Fb and Instagram.

I discover these kinds of beads challenging to use, but I experienced a eyesight of the bouquets on a smaller hoop earring obtaining with various kinds of bead fringe. The illustrations in this write-up use a extremely basic two strand fringe, but I am at some point heading to try looped fringe, twisted fringe, leaf fringe, coral fringe – the total bead fringe repertoire.

Side take note – you can discover instructions to make the wire hoop earring ingredient at the url.

Comparison of two different beaded fringe styles

The 1st bead fringe element I built commences with a 4 bead ladder (2 beads superior by 2 beads huge), a leading loop of 5 beads and beaded fringe that is 20 beads extensive. I am working with spherical sizing 11 toho beads.


In this configuration, the fringe is about 1.5 inches prolonged from the prime of the hanging loop to the base of the longest fringe. I employed my favorite fringe thread K.O. beading thread in white. The hyperlink is to a evaluate of K.O. beading thread that I did final yr.

There are some methods to creating these stand by yourself beaded fringe parts. 

The tension was a bit restricted in the 1st couple of that I produced due to the fact my knots and the thread route didn’t let me to modify the pressure after the fringe was strung. I also tried a solitary bead just before the hanging loop (the two fringe on the remaining earlier mentioned) but finished up actually disliking the appear of these.

Comparison of multiple bead fringe styles and lengths

Listed here are various of the bead fringe factors I’ve made. The 1st greenish-blue (toho transparent rainbow teal) have a 2 bead brick stitch foundation all around a shut plastic ring. The fringe is 25-26 beads extensive (about 1 3/4 inches). This is a pretty uncomplicated way to start and is effective excellent if you will not brain observing the ring or can put it powering a different bead like I did with the polymer clay bouquets.

Moving in the direction of the suitable in the image higher than, the blue (opaque frost navy blue) use the solitary bead under the loop and are also restricted to hang effectively. That was a popular issue utilizing the one bead before the loop. These kinds are unpleasant.

The white and pink are primary prototypes with the two bead middle remaining far more preferred – but I made a decision I like a more time hanging loop of 7 beads instead of 5 like these have.

The two tone blue are astonishing due to the fact they are quick but supple. Only 15 beads extensive, they have excellent pressure and cling extremely properly – somewhat in excess of 1 1/4 inches prolonged. These fringe have the 7 bead hanging loop.

The final fringe in pink and beige is when I started dipping into my bead soup leftovers. This bead fringe is 10 beads extended – about 1 inch. Also surprisingly supple, which tells me that I at last located a excellent thread route. I included a tiny picot on the finish by making use of 3 beads to switch the stop of the fringe instead of 1.

polymer clay button earrings with bead fringe on wire hoop findings

One interesting issue about these fringe elements is that they have A Great deal of movement from the sway of the hanging beads on the loop. It is a incredibly distinctive motion than the usual fringe on brick stitch earrings. It is really actually special and enjoyable to me.

Here is the details of the thread path I uncovered labored the ideal to make the bead fringe elements:

Start with a 4 bead ladder (2 beads large, 2 beads huge). 

Pick up 7 beads for the hanging loop and go back by way of the two bead ladder on the other side.

Right here I tie the thread ends in a small sq. knot. I like to know the tail stop is tied and just needs to be woven in at the close.

Then I fortify the ladder stitch by going back again around the 2×2 sq. before starting the fringe. This also makes it possible for me to pull the knot inside the beads.

Make the 1st strand of fringe (duration may differ) and go up via the 2 bead ladder over. Go down the 2 bead ladder on the other aspect and include the beads for the next fringe leg.

Stitch up through the ladder stitch and all over the hanging loop to boost. Make a half hitch knot in the ladder stitch right before the fringe.

Go as a result of the initial couple beads of the fringe and trim the doing the job thread. Incorporate a needle to the tail close and stitch through a couple beads on the other fringe. Trim the tail.

Modify the bead fringe as essential by pulling on the last bead and turning the fringe beads in between your fingers whilst you are introducing the fringe and right after it is total.

What do you assume of these? Would you want to make fringe parts for your jewelry? What will yours look like?