Kid Cudi Says Pharrell Was A “Style God” To Him As A Kid

Kid Cudi Says Pharrell Was A “Style God” To Him As A Kid

Kid Cudi is known not only for making great music but also for his eccentric style. Recently, the Cleveland native opened up about whose fashion inspired him growing up. Cudi credited none other than iconic producer and musician Pharrell Williams — another artist who’s known for his unique style. The rapper told The People Gallery he considered the N.E.R.D. bandmember to be a “style god.”

Dripped in his MOTR brand, the 39-year-old noted how Pharrell taught him to be fresh. “When I was young, man — I mean like 2001, 2002 — like, Pharrell was like the style god to me,” Cudi began. “It was like I was learning how to be fresh at that time and like he was like the person I’d check for, most of the time.” Cudi also named Kanye West as an influence. He added, “The fashion in Cleveland was not very forward, so like I would look to guys like P or, y’know, when Kanye came out.”

Kid Cudi Prepares To Drop “INSANO”

Cudi was recently tapped to be a part of Calvin Klein’s new campaign. Euphoria star Alexa Demie was also featured in the campaign. He opened up about the new partnership with Esquire earlier this month. “Man, I think what makes me feel confident is knowing that I’m truly myself at all times,” he said about his approach. “I’m 100 percent unique, me. And I know that’s what carries me into every situation. The fact that I love myself. That’s really it. That’s what gives me the most confidence in the world,” he told the publication.

On the music side of things, Cudi is preparing to release a brand-new album called INSANO. This project is going to come out on September 15th. He also dropped off multiple ideas for the album artwork. This is Cudi’s first album since Entergalactic last year, which many people believed to be his last since he announced he was retiring afterward. However, he changed course earlier this year. He said he would drop a project to close his record deal before reevaluating what to do next.

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