Kate Middleton Wears Festive Red Ensemble to Heartwarming Tea Party

Kate Middleton Wears Festive Red Ensemble to Heartwarming Tea Party

Kate Middleton brought back her red Miu Miu cardigan for a special tea party that took place earlier this month.

In new photographs and video footage from the tea party shared by Kensington Palace, the Princess of Wales chats with those gathered for the festive celebration.

The ‘Together At Christmas’ Tea Party took place last month. It honoured childcare workers, and acknowledged their efforts during the festive season. Guests included a music therapist from the East Anglia Children’s Hospice, a retired mental health nurse, a soccer coach, the manager of a Baby Basics baby bank, and children who’ve had their lives shaped by positive mentors.

Video footage from the festive event will air during tonight’s Together at Christmas Carol Service TV special—which Kate hosted at Westminster Abbey earlier this month. Kate chose the theme of ‘children and families’ for this year’s concert, which will amplify the ‘Shaping Us’ campaign she launched through the Centre For Early Childhood back in January.

Kate’s arrival at the tea party surprised attendees. She walked into the room saying “sorry to interrupt the party, I hope you don’t mind?”

Royal fans in the UK will be able to view the full footage from the tea party this evening, during the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas tv programme. It’ll broadcast on 7:45pm on ITV1 and ITV X.  The show will also include an introduction by the Princess of Wales.

For those in the USA and further afield, I’m not sure where you can watch the show—I think Britbox streamed it last year. I believe the service offers a free month’s trial.

Let’s look at Kate’s festive outfit now!

Kate Middleton’s Festive Outfit:

The Princess elegantly reprised her festive red Miu Miu cardigan for the ‘Together at Christmas’ tea party. She paired it with matching red trousers and a white blouse.

Crafted from jacquard-woven cashmere, the cardigan boasts a black and white rose pattern across the fabric, interspersed with decorative bobbles that lend texture.

Mother-of-pearl buttons add to the elegance, and the design is completed with a detachable white cotton collar. The rich red hue is as vibrant as Santa’s suit, making it a perfect statement piece for a Christmas engagement!

The bold look not only resonated with the holiday spirit but it also highlighted the Princess’s commitment to sustainable fashion—she’s worn the piece before. In fact, she debuted the cardigan two years ago during the 2021 Together At Christmas Carol Concert (below).

The Duchess of Cambridge in her red Miu Miu cardigan during the carol concert

The cardigan struck a chord with its Christmassy vibe, sans the casualness of an actual Christmas sweater, embodying both the festive feel and the elegance befitting a royal engagement.

Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase, it was previously listed for £1,350 at Net-A-Porter.

I do have a couple of options if you’d like to ‘get the look’. A coatigan from Sandro (left) and a cardigan from ba&sh (right). Pair with red trousers in a matching tone et voila!

The collarless cardigan looks really nice with a white pie crust blouse worn underneath.

While Miu Miu is not a staple brand in Kate’s closet, we have seen her wear a handful of pieces on a couple of occasions. Besides the red cardigan, we’ve seen her carrying a red suede bow bag from the brand since 2016. She also wore a festive tartan coat by Miu Miu for the Christmas Day service at St Mary’s Church in 2017. One assumes the Princess has a fondness for the brand’s signature blend of classic style with a modern twist.

Miu Miu, the subsidiary of the esteemed Prada, was founded by Miuccia Prada in 1992. The brand is recognised for its avant-garde, provocative fashion and is celebrated for its quality and attention to detail. Miu Miu offers a reinterpretation of Prada’s elegant femininity with a youthful, rebellious spirit, often infusing its collections with a playful edge. It caters to a clientele that appreciates high fashion with an innovative and energetic approach.

The Princess finished her look with her ‘Cavolfiore’ pearl earrings by Cassandra Goad.

The beautifully crafted earrings were inspired by the blooming clusters of cauliflower (“cavolfiore” in Italian). These studs are fashioned in 18ct yellow gold and adorned with seven pearls, accented with diamonds totalling 0.3 carats.

We first spotted Kate wearing the earrings at Prince Louis’s Christening in July 2018. Since their debut, she has chosen them for a multitude of significant occasions, including the 2023 Wimbledon Ladies Finals earlier this year. These earrings have become a versatile and cherished piece in her collection, worn at both solemn ceremonies and festive celebrations.

The Cavolfiore pearl earrings are still available for purchase. They are priced at £5,430, reflecting their luxurious materials and intricate design. Find them at cassandragoad.com.

The Princess owns another pair of earrings from Cassandra Goad— the ‘Temple of Heaven’ girandole earrings in gold. Kate’s mother, Carole, was spotted window-shopping at Cassandra Goad’s flagship store last year, suggesting a family appreciation for the designer’s work, hinting at a possible personal affinity for the brand.

Cassandra Goad is a UK-based jewellery designer who launched her business in 1985, with a store located on London’s prestigious Sloane Street. Her designs are crafted with the intention of longevity, meant to be passed down through generations. Goad’s pieces are known for their classic elegance, with a focus on fine materials and durability, aimed at clients who value timeless design and quality. The Cavolfiore Pearl Studs are part of the label’s Journey to Sicily collection, which draws inspiration from the island’s vibrant markets and natural splendour.