Kate Middleton Leveled Up Her Hat Game in a Church Fedora

Kate Middleton Leveled Up Her Hat Game in a Church Fedora

Call her the Kat in the hat. Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, wore a new (at least, new to us) accessory to a church service she attended with the royal family in Scotland on Sunday, a cap that was noticeably…very British. I hesitate to say “bad” since maybe it works with the rest of the outfit, which we haven’t yet seen, but from the pictures that are available, I can say with certainty that it’s not my cup of tea.

In fact, it’s a fedora. A full “m’lady?” fedora with feathers. It is helped by being suede and not twill or pinstriped, but is hurt by being a fedora. Your Royal Highness, are you headed to a Prohibition-era jazz club? A meeting with other mafia dons? We kid, we kid! For all we know, this could be the beginning of a great renaissance for the hat style, the likes of which has not been seen since Jason Mraz emerged on the scene in 2008.

The Daily Mail (click for pics) reports that the hat is from brand Kicks & Brown, and you can order one here for $150. She also wore a beige tartan trench, which was probably great!

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(Different hat, same attitude.)

Poor Kate Middleton just can’t catch a break recently. She tried to have a chill night out at a music festival with some friends, and an admirer snapped a grainy photo of her looking totally normal at a pub. Cue incessant body-shaming and gross speculation on her health. Then we find out she invited Dolly Parton to tea and got turned down! Times are tough for the mom of three. Also, she has to spend all her time hanging out with her in-laws, including her husband’s uncle who is literally a predator. Guess we should probably let the fedora slide.

But just this once!

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