I’ve just discovered Uniqlo bra tops! — That’s Not My Age

I’ve just discovered Uniqlo bra tops! — That’s Not My Age



To be completely honest, when Uniqlo asked if I’d like to collaborate on a bra top campaign, my immediate thought was, ‘Yikes, I don’t think so.’ But, after a closer look, it turns out the bra tops are actually vests (or tanks) with built-in support and cups, and not as scary as I’d imagined. Which is obviously why lots of women are out and about in different versions of the Uniqlo top this summer; and they are not all young ‘uns.



The Airism Sleeveless Bra Top is great for layering under a shirt, or on its own with jeans and cargos, and I love wearing one around the house with joggers. The stretch fabric contains 9% Elastane and the bra top has an elastic under-bust band at the front, so it feels very supportive. (Click through for a closer look).



At nearly 60, I do have a bit of Arm Paranoia  – I’m not a gym go-er and so my limbs are not toned and naturally a bit wobbly. And, apart from on holiday, I haven’t worn a vest top for almost two decades. This deeply ingrained self-consciousness stems from years of being told that women above a certain age shouldn’t show their bodies. Bingo wings must be covered. Don’t even think about leaving the house without a bra! As a former magazine fashion editor, I hold my hands up (bare arms and all)  – while I tried not to bang on about what women should and shouldn’t do, I am guilty of pointing readers in the direction of a ‘flattering cap or tulip sleeve.’ It was the 1990s, and I am sorry…



But, that was then. Last year, Chloe Kelly celebrated England’s Euro victory by running the length of the Wembley football pitch in her sports bra. What a moment. The freedom, the power and the sheer joy of it had me in tears. And yes, I know she’s an athletic 25-year-old, but it’s not just football. We are much more body positive, today. Social media has democratised fashion, increased representation and now women of all shapes, sizes and ages appear daily on my feed. In their bras, swimwear and what-have-you, showing as little or as much flesh as they choose.


So yes, I can wear a bra top.


Please note: I’m a bra size 32D, my assistant Helen is a 34F so I gave her a couple of Uniqlo bra tops (the Ribbed Cropped Sleeveless Bra Top and the Airism Sleeveless Bra Top) to try and she said, ‘ They’re great, I really doubted they’d fit me but they do work for fuller busts!’

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