In the Fast Lane to Success: Discover How Brink POS Elevates the Restaurant Drive-Thru Experience

In the Fast Lane to Success: Discover How Brink POS Elevates the Restaurant Drive-Thru Experience

The drive-thru, a long-standing fixture of the QSR landscape, has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent years. While it was always a popular choice for a fast meal, the events of the pandemic further elevated its role and importance. As people grappled with lockdowns and sought solace from the confines of home, the drive-thru offered a contactless dining experience and emerged as a beacon of convenience. It became a lifeline for QSRs, contributing significantly to their revenue.

In fact, according to consumer behavior watcher Revenue Management Solutions, drive-thru sales made up a staggering 75% of quick-service revenue in 2022. While the numbers have adjusted slightly since then, it appears the pandemic habit of drive-thru ordering has stuck around and become a mainstream way for consumers to order their favorite meals. The result: an ongoing surge in drive-thru sales.

As QSR brands adapt to this shift in guest behavior, they are having to navigate the challenges of longer lines, speed of service, and order accuracy, all while maintaining their commitment to a positive guest experience.

PAR Brink POS is helping restaurant brands streamline and enhance their drive-thru operations with rock-solid reliability and a continuous commitment to innovation. Whether you have a single lane, dual lane, or multi-lane setup, Brink’s purpose-built features keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving drive-thru landscape.

Brink enables faster service, reduced wait times, and fewer remakes in the drive-thru – leading to happier customers and more repeat business. Let’s d(r)ive into Brink’s fantastic drive-thru capabilities:

Large Preview Panels for Quick Order Retrieval

Imagine a scenario familiar to many of us: You’re at the drive-thru, ready to order your favorite meal. You pull up to the window to pay or pick-up and the employee announces, “You are order #582, regular fries and a large coke?” But you know it’s not your order – you ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and fried zucchini! This leads to a frustrating back-and-forth as the employee struggles to find the right order amidst the digital chaos. This situation, an increasingly common occurrence in modern drive-thru operations, can significantly detract from the overall guest experience.

Brink POS solves this problem with its innovative large order preview panels, added seamlessly to existing menu screens. These enable restaurant staff to conveniently view up to eight detailed orders at once, eliminating the need for manual searching. The power of this solution lies in its simplicity. It is not about inundating the staff with order details; it’s about providing a bird’s-eye view of the orders. Restaurant employees no longer need to open and close orders or navigate through various screens in search of the correct one. In just a single click, they can pull up, validate, and process the order, ensuring speedier service and fewer errors.

No more “Is this your order?” moments; guests can confidently pick up their correct orders without a hitch.