I used GrandeLASH for 3 months and this happened!

I used GrandeLASH for 3 months and this happened!

I started using the GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum 3 months ago and these are my results! I am so happy with the results and definitely see a major improvement. My lashes have not only gotten much longer, but also fuller! Applying mascare is so much more fun these days!

Here is a before/after pic without mascara and even here you can clearly see the results. I went from barely any lashes to actual lashes. This is despite the fact that I have not even used this serum every single day! 

A couple of side effects I noticed: 

Sometimes my eyes would feel a bit dry, at other times I noticed that my under-eye area would get darker (brown specks- which is unusual for my under-eye area that usually tends to get either blue or purple). I also have noticed sometimes that my upper lid would become red and a little irritated. 

If any of these side effects would happen, I always skipped the next day the serum. 

I have also noticed, that I would get really long lashes on the inside of my tear duct- which looks a bit weird, so I plucked them out (which was a major ouch). I try to be very careful not to get any serum on that area, so this will hopefully not happen again.

A couple of tips:

I have bought the mini size 2x (which is supposed to last 6 weeks, but because I do not use it every day, it lasts much longer). For hygienic reasons I would personally not go for the larger tube! 

If I notice that some of the serum gets on my lower lashes, I wipe it immediately of with a tissue (that seemed to help to not get brown specks under my eyes). I am also super careful that no serum goes ever into my eyes- it happened only once to me (when I wasn’t careful enough) which STUNG a bunch!  

Since I do like to have longer lashes on the outside corner of my eyes than on the inside, I have started applying the serum from the outside to the inside, so that most of the serum is applied on the outside (does this make sense?). Try not to touch the skin- only apply one thin layer right on the lashes- as close to the lash-line as you can, but without getting any serum on the skin.

Super happy with my results and I will keep using it (2-3x/week).

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